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    Re: Animals are Magical

    There have been studies done that surmise that people who grow up in an environment with animals (pets) are far less prone to crime or abuse than those who do not grow up with animals / pets. I'd...
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    Re: Top shelf Bigfoot compilation

    Bigfoot Tony with another quality breakdown here. This time it's Bigfoot walks by tent footage.

    I'll add that the above clip is actually part of a...
  3. Re: David Paulides on Bigfoot, Wild Men and Giants

    There is a You Tube channel called HowToHunt that I like to venture to on occasion. The guy that runs it is an avid hunter and outdoors man who treks into the mountains of British Columbia and...
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    The Unwonted Sasquatch

    Here is a Squatch documentary that was released earlier this year called The Unwonted Sasquatch. I downloaded and watched this last Saturday and was somewhat impressed. It has interviews with...
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    Sticky: Re: The Anglo-Saxon Mission

    Well, that's an interesting question, but I think it's more likely that this 'mission' kicked off sometime in 2019 in a somewhat amended or evolved form.[/QUOTE]

    That's long been my belief, Bill....
  6. Canadian nurse speaks out about Covid vaccines

    Hello folks,

    A Canadian nurse spoke out today about vaccines (and their detriment). You won't find this in the MSM, I assure you. I applaud her heroic stance here, though I fear for her safety...
  7. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    Biden is a puppet for the Deep State (and China), imo.

    Dave - Toronto
  8. Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0, April 25, 2021 1p-6p Pacific Time (Phoenix)

    Can't say I'm a big fan of Greer....unfortunately.

    Dave - Toronto
  9. SWAT attempts to shut down a Toronto church

    I've searched for the proper thread to put this into but was unable to find one. Memo to the mods...if you feel this should be moved accordingly, then please do.

    Basically, SWAT showed up at a...
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    Re: The Dangerous Side of Sasquatch

    Ok, so I finished watching the 3 part series noted above called Sasquatch about Bigfoot killing and dismembering 3 dope growers in NorCal. Unfortunately, I cannot endorese it. There is absolutely...
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    Re: The Dangerous Side of Sasquatch

    Here is an interview with the director of the Hulu documentary that aired last week called Sasquatch (trailer and torrent posted above)... Joshua Rofe.
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    The more I see / hear of RFK Jr....the more respect I have for him.

    Dave - Toronto
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    Re: The Dangerous Side of Sasquatch

    This topic always reminds me of my experience - although auditory and emotional only.

    I just searched the library... not there yet, or am I not searching correctly?

    From Bill:
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    Re: Joints, inflammation, etc

    I had knee surgery back in 2018 to remove my meniscus in my right knee. Afterward during my followup appt with the surgeon, I was told I have stage 2 arthritis in that knee that can only be managed...
  15. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    That nurse who posted the video above....her website is as follows:

    Then click on Stay Away / Warning ....for which she has other videos including...
  16. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    Hi Bill...thx for moving my above post re-shedding. Still trying to make my way around. So many different threads.

    Hi Satori, I was forwarded that video by a friend (KB) who posted it at his...
  17. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    Hello folks,

    A friend of my passed this onto me earlier today. Apparently there are now cases of folks who have taken the vaccine coming into contact with people who have not taken the...
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    Re: Staying Alcohol Free

    Fantastic thread for a subject I'm VERY close to. I come from a long line of alcoholism...both grandparents on both sides of my family...down to both my parents....down to both my sister and myself....
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    Re: Lin Wood ~ Tweets, Lawsuits, News

    I remember that tweet of Lin Wood against Roberts saying that Epstein was still alive. I thought to myself...BOOM!!

    For the record, I've long thought Epstein was still alive.

    Dave - Toronto
  20. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    I first discovered Project Camelot back in 2009 (towards the end of their run) accidentally by searching for John Lear and came across PC's interviews with Lear. While Kerry was doing most of the...
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