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    Re: More than I thought I could be


    Maybe a bit on a different note but comparing oneself to others is generally a bad idea. Isn't there some saying about this? I liked playing football but there was no way I could've gone...
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    More than I thought I could be

    Here's a conundrum which I haven't been able to resolve.

    Probably many of you know the song and lyrics "One moment in time" by Withney Houston.
    For my part I love this song very very much and I...
  3. Re: China Rover Discovers "Mystery Hut" On Dark Side Of Moon

    ... and again, a blurry hi-res picture. :facepalm:
    I am sure, the on-board camera can do much, much better. Even a cheap cell phone gives better pictures.

    (end of rant)
  4. Re: How can you be productive if your work isn't fun?

    I concur with JC as an 59 years old fart. Quite early in my live, I chose a profession which aligned with my interests and lateron, I tested out new things but always pursued that type of work in...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    I have saved the referenced web page to, so it becomes [hopefully] still available - even if the content would be deleted at some point. It reveals the not-so-obvious "players" who...
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    Re: Could anyone tell me why?

    I searched for organic folate (Vitamin B9) and to my surprise, I almost couldn't find across the "very world wide web" any shop which would sell the organic form but many who sell the chemical made...
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    Re: The science of natural law

    While Mark Passio has certainly a earnest purpose, the whole subject matter of earth inhabitants isn't quite that simple and his "revelations" from the occult (which they don't want you to know...
  8. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    Here is a really great rap performance, only be to found (go figure ...) on rare sites:


    plus a worthwhile interview with "Dorothy Righteous":

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    Re: Adding video links to our posts

    Yes - YouTube is probably the most likely place where videos disappear.
    I guess, it's up to the poster to from time to time review their posts that include important video links; to update their...
  10. Re: They drilled into an ice wall near the firmament dome in the 1960's

    I watched the video and two things didn't add up: The speaker said, the blue ice couldn't be touched with bare hands because of the minus temperatures but then you see afterwards bare hands holding...
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    Re: What If There Was No More Project Avalon

    Sure. I wasn't talking about a cheapo provider neither. I did some diligent research before. Most serious web host garantee 99.9% uptime. And the package I mentioned, is their highest VPS package.
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    Re: What If There Was No More Project Avalon

    Actually, I've never broken it all down for the members in detail. Here are all the costs to the nearest dollar:

    Avalon hosting + backup: $293/month.
    Avalon Library hosting + backup:...
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    Re: Quantum mRNA vax Reversal

    I listened to it twice before going to bed last night and had the most vivid dreams since a long time.
  14. Re: Divine Intervention - Ickonic Original Film Premiere

    Can be found here
    If your short of time go to Q and A at 2 hours

    Is behind a paywall. (Even the trailer)
    Site loads...
  15. Thread: Farewell?

    by Michi

    Re: Farewell?

    Hi TomKat
    I am happy to hear that your life was fulfilling sofar and I am certain that you are making sure, your future will be as well.
    Whatever you decide - I wish you a thrilling ride into your...
  16. Re: Who can predict Post Alien UFO Disclosure Economics trends? ... anyone?

    First answer that came to my mind was Clif High "Woo" videos, since a while on BitChute

    Clif is a specialist in long-term and short-therm predictions thru language.
  17. Re: Imagine this: What questions would you ask a wise, benevolent ET?

    I start off with the 1st question:

    How can I practically and effectively take full responsibility for anybody else?
  18. Re: Clif High's videos: now (2021-22) in the years of Woo

    Clif got also ****ed by YT and moved over to bitchute.
    I couldn't at first locate his channel, then emailed Clif and he promptly replied with the following link:...
  19. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Bill - this is a great subject!

    Actually in regards to group 3 there is an interesting viewpoint to this which Shiva and Jonathan (Matrixxer) share. Both are practicing a type of meditation of...
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    Re: What is Project Avalon to you?

    For me PA is a unique place where things are really scrutinized in detail. Several times I got more data on something which changed my views. Also I learned about individuals, who also take no sh*t,...
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