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  1. Re: Why do magnets stick to a vaxxed person's arm at the injection site?

    Today tried a little magnet on my arm and it stuck for a while. It is summer and I had a bit of a wet and sweaty skin. I am unvaxxed (and will remain so!). Just saying. Does not prove or disprove...
  2. Re: The white hats are fully in control?

    The world goes down the drain. Millions will die from an experimental vaccine genetherapy. There's more and more hunger, war, environmental contamination, 5G, famine, loss of liberties and freedom...
  3. Re: Arriving at Future dates in Sci-Fi Cinema

    I always find it quite interesting (and sometimes funny) to look at past scifi shows depicting dates that are also already deep in the past past from our view.

    Just take the show "Space: 1999" or...
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    Re: Logan Paul... aliens coming in June?

    A simulation *IS* real. Because everyTHING is *real*. That is why we call our experiences *REAL*ity.
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    Re: Personality changes in vaxxed people

    Just a thought. For many years there has been talk about The Shift in terms of splitting into two Earths. I always thought it was metaphorical. Maybe this is the Schism / Shift / Split? Or at least...
  6. Re: Recommended videos to introduce UFO/ET/disclosure?

    Dolan is maybe the best to refer to. 'Unackknowleged' by Dr. Steven Greer maybe is another one, also the book by the same name citing many whistleblower testimonies and documents.
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    Re: Amazon's Sidewalk program

    I worked for Amazon once (home office client service). Worst employer you can imagine. You are worth nothing to them, just a number and a resource to exploit.
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    Re: Any Other Good Alt Forums Out There?

    Short Update: Astraldynamics is currently down and not loading, but normally it works fine.

    Btw if you're interested to register and/or to look for me there I am 'Volgerle' on Astralpulse and...
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    Re: Any Other Good Alt Forums Out There?

    This is my only 'mere' 'conspiracy' forum. I am (was) mostly active on 'spiritual' forums, especially with regard to astral projection when I was very active in it. In a way, it is kind of...
  10. Re: Have you seen David Wilcock's latest update...?

    I saw a 'vintage' talk by him about 2012. He stated for a FACT (a FACT!) in that video that we would all be able to levitate after 2012. No joke. Now it's 2021 and I still don't see a lot of...
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    Re: Touching The Divine

    In a time before YouTube in the first half of the 00-years I still collected lots of (as a musician and one who also went a lot to concerts back then) Live Music Concert DVDs. Two of my all time...
  12. Re: Have you seen David Wilcock's latest update...?

    We have many more words for people like him, believe me. :bigsmile::Angel:
  13. Re: Have you had people say to you: "It's for the best"?

    I'm not a native speaker and thus not versed in the fine intricacies of the English language, but is it meant as or the same as

    'It's for the greater good'?

    I guess it is what I am tempted to...
  14. Re: The AltRight is NOT the whole of the Alternative Community


    Some people (not so many or none here, I hope) become the labels they apply to themselves all the time. Then it's already too late.

    Then the label chooses you instead of you choosing...
  15. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    As someone once said, wanting the President to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane we're all on. Which is why I simply could not understand all the hatred and vitriol and blah blah...
  16. Re: What are you not doing, that maybe you should be?

    Pearl (Export) was my first drum kit I bought 1983 when I started drumming , bought it from a normal music instrument trader of course, what a great moment when I saw it first in their garage and...
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    Re: No Jab For Me

    Great site indeed. Thanks so much for the link.
  18. Re: What are you not doing, that maybe you should be?

    Resume arranging my music again and not caring a jot about the fact that no one gives a **** about it as long as I like (creating) it.
  19. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    My bad Doug, kind of assumed most regulars around here knew of that break away forum split up from this one several years ago. I'm not advertising, just pointing out it's a real place with a real...
  20. Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0, April 25, 2021 1p-6p Pacific Time (Phoenix)

    "In it for the money" and "in it for the Truth" must not always be mutually exlusive.
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