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  1. Re: How To Achieve A 'Tipping Point' to Defeat the NWO..!

    Well, that's depressing, if true! 🥺 Yikes! This is what we get for working our a---- off for years? I really AM wondering...
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    Re: Willfully Obtuse

    Mike, I always love how you ferret out the kernel of truth and meaning in something that is scattered, multi focal and complex. And that's with a dart in your neck!! Truly amazing! 😂😂😂
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    bluestflame, the first video is already down ☹️
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    Re: The Light System

    Hi Michael, I just watched the video on YT. This sounds very possible and even probable to me. While it is fairly clear to us the evil that is being brought to bear on our planet, it is less clear...
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    Re: The many side effects of the Covid 'vaccine'

    I wonder how long it will take to make the connection? It should begin with looking at how many of these increased non-covid deaths were people who had been given the quackcine.
  6. Re: 2021 Appears to be a bountiful hickory nut year

    Our squirrels love them, too. Isn't it amazing that we have so much trouble getting into them, but a 2# creature collects and, presumably, eats them happily. Yay Mother Nature! 😊
  7. Re: 2021 Appears to be a bountiful hickory nut year

    Dennis, I remember these from my childhood in the Indiana countryside. The other one I remember is walnut...taking the outer shell off left your hands stained for days, but you still had to go to...
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    Re: The Great Separation?

    To me, this type of speculation falls under the "what if" scenarios which I have very much been trying to avoid, both internally and in external discussion. I would rather use my creative powers to...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    How refreshing to hear these simple, honest words from the mouth of an "authority " figure. May TRUTH prevail on earth! Kudos to him.
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    Re: Social Stupidity by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    I read him in college and haven't thought of his writings in years, Open Minded Dude. Thanks!
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    Re: What much of the world has fallen for...

    50,000 dead in Florida? Can you say where you got your numbers? My understanding is that stats are way low, so I question that. Horrrible, regardless, but I am curious.
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    Re: Higher Self connection

    Very nice, Atmagaia. I admire your creativity and views on healing, also. I have great respect for younger people who are doing this kind of thing and clearly have been for a while. What might lie...
  13. Re: Who said, ''It's times like these that try men's souls" or some such thing

    East Sun, Well said! Light triumphs over Darkness, Love over hate. i feel this deep in my soul as Truth.
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    Mike, Although these times "seem" to be lacking wise and moral leadership, I don't believe that is entirely true. I choose to believe that Love and Light are very much in play and our words,...
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    Re: We need each other more than we know.

    Welcome back, Jason, It's nice to see you back.
  16. Re: I'm not sure I'm functioning properly. Things are taking a toll

    haroldsails, did you mean you feel in a wakened state or a weakened state, given the low batteries? Interesting contrast....
  17. Re: I'm not sure I'm functioning properly. Things are taking a toll

    Doug, You seem to really hit common concerns with your posts! I am so in synch with many others...just a kind of awful time for me. I wonder if there is some kind of mind control resulting in our...
  18. Re: This has to be fake? Surely he cannot be that stupid!

    Can't you just imagine how this guy would go about the siphoning process!!!!
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    Re: Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

    I chose to only watch about 5 minutes of this - not something I want in my memory banks and awareness. If it weren't most likely true, it would be beyond belief.
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    Does anyone know where this happened? County Administration of where?
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