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  1. Re: Death toll in Texas elementary school shooting rises; 18 children, 2 adults killed by shooter

    I know it's the wrong thread, but I thought to share it here. Mods feel free to move it to the proper thread.

    My son brought this to my attention the other day, he's very awake, and knows about...
  2. Derrick "Whiteskycloud", An Experiencer: Your thoughts?

    I just watched this video today, one of my YT videos to watch, in the algorithms. It's interesting to say the least. Your thoughts, and does this experiencer show any credibility in your opinion.
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    Re: Your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer

    Thanks for the input on this thread. As far me, I still think he is consistent and I resonate with him. I do enjoy most of his work, and I kind of compare him to the likings of Linda Moulton Howe...
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    Your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer

    I'd like to hear the forums thoughts on Dr Steven Greer. Is he legit or just another teller of many tales? Is he to be trusted? For me, I actually like some of his stuff, it resonates,, but I'm not...
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    Re: Ten years plus on Avalon!

    I stop by the forum here and there. I think I'm a 10 year Vet also.. Congrats! PS Seeing the numbers 11:11 Brought me here. Some say when you see those numbers, it means your on the correct path....
  6. Re: Rumble offers $100 million for Joe Rogan to leave Spotify

    Isn't it quite interesting how they do this to all the truth tellers. Yet they let the liars and freaks continue on. We truly live in a backwards world. I personally love all of Joe Rogans Podcasts,...
  7. Re: Dannion Brinkley / Amazing NDE can teach us.

    Dannion is cool people.
  8. Re: What in God's Name Happened To CNN? Are Other MSM Networks On The Same Path?

    I'm not a fan of any news media outlets, especially CNN.
    The C linton N ews N etwork

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    All that's phony, will crumble. I'm glad to see CNN crumbling.
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    Re: What music are you listening to now?

    Peter Gabriel Live on Blu Ray Disc through my HiFi Stereo.
    Here's a sample Amazing...
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    Re: Did we really go to the Moon?

    Yes. The best summary I know came from Henry Deacon in December 2007:

    • We asked Henry if the Apollo astronauts had actually gone to...
  11. Re: Sub species of maybe human that need to be hung by a tree!

    I won't judge here, nor am I defending. But PPD is a very serious illness. I personally know a woman who gave birth that flipped out in a month. It was bad.
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    Re: Antarctica - So much to learn!!

    Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica


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    Re: Antarctica - So much to learn!!

    Linda Moulton Howe did a great interview on a pilot that flew over the no fly zone in Antarctica to medvac a badly injured scientist to a hospital. If I find it I'll upload it later. I'm off to work...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Welcome back Suzie.
  15. Re: Significant Keshe Foundation public announcements

    This Magrav Generator is for an automobile.
  16. Re: Significant Keshe Foundation public announcements

    Putting together the Keshe magrav kit.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    I believe you can purchase the kits here.
  17. Re: Significant Keshe Foundation public announcements

    I have been interested as well of late.
    Further, I have seen a YouTube video on a kit that you can purchase and assemble with very good instructions on how to put this generator together. If I find...
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    Re: Ivermectin

    I'm not sure if this video was posted. If so please remove it.
    Rather long video but worth the watch. I'll try and post a summary of the video shortly. In what I have read, this video has been...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Excuse me for butting in :) - but when I saw your post I thought you would find this useful - in the first few minutes there is a detailed explanation of how to inject correctly -

    Study: Vaccines...
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    Re: Covid-19 Treatment and Prevention

    Hey all, some great posts here on this thread, thanks everybody. I was considering purchasing Hydrochloroquine just to have in my home, can anyone send me a link, etc. In my inbox as to where I may...
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