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  1. Re: Female Volleyball Players Banned From Female Locker Room

    Oh yeh, it sure can. Check this one out. This is what's now being called Trans-agism. I kid you not. As the title suggests, this is the new (but probably not final) frontier. [/QUOTE]

  2. Re: Female Volleyball Players Banned From Female Locker Room

    Ah, there may be more to this story than meets the eye as was posted here by Spiral - kudos to this guy if he really is "gaming the system" as the commenter says!

    Have a read of the comment from...
  3. Re: Bank of England refusing to return 14 tons of Venezuala Gold

    I'm sorry, have I missed something?

    This report is about the Bank of England's intervention to try to sort out the mess caused by the budget, so how does that mean that the BoE has "fallen"? I...
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    Re: What's happening in Sweden?

    I've watched two episodes and have had to leave it for a bit as it's stomach-churning content that shows how far this country has sunk that everyone thought in the past was orderly and... well......
  5. Re: Manufactured Food Shortages (Eradication of Our Food Supply)

    I'm pleased to report that after a quick trip to France, I didn't see any adverse effects from the Rungis fire. The shops that I visited all looked well stocked, particularly of fresh foods, and I...
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    Re: Turmoil and Chaos all over the Planet

    Ursula von der Leyden issues a thinly veiled threat to Italy about 'voting the right way' or get funding cuts. It's gone down like a lead balloon with even a pro-EU candidate telling her to butt out....
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    Re: Turmoil in the UK

    It reminds me of the movement of Cruise missiles around the UK in the 1980s that Cruisewatch would film. The difference here is that the Cruise missiles were always moved at night, this is an...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    I think that the point is that the Volvo has an EU plate from what I can make out, see the blue part on the left hand side of the plate, the same as you see on EU cars where the country code is...
  9. Re: What are they planning on 24 September 2022‼️

    Apparently this is happening at the Tower Bridge in London now but I don't know what is going on or if it is related to this thread. Maybe nothing or maybe something?

    The caption reads - 'A few...
  10. Re: Alien Chronicles - Dolores Cannon - Alien & UFOs

    I've heard of Dolores Cannon but haven't read any of her work, this thread has intrigued me though. For a newbie, any suggestions for one book to start with first?
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    Re: Turmoil in the UK

    I mean generally, there is always a tension between Hindus & Muslims & has been since the creation of Pakistan (& Bangladesh) .

    There are times when "multiculturism" is caught with it's pants...
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    Re: Turmoil in the UK

    Nothing new in this, they were having mass fights with anything they could get their hands on when I was at school.

    All the white & afro-carribean lads stood together & watched hundreds of asian...
  13. Re: King Charles III sacks 100 staff & employs brother, Prince Andrew

    I'll have to call you out on that :p

    A republic ! ? , The Guardian !? , I don't think so. They won't stop being woke provocateurs until they get a seat on the board of a corporate communist prison...
  14. Re: King Charles III sacks 100 staff & employs brother, Prince Andrew

    One thing to note is that it's from The Guardian - the most left-leaning and woke mainstream newspaper in the UK, they'd be overjoyed to see the UK become a republic.

    They've omitted what has been...
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    Re: Healing Assistance Requested

    I'm truly sorry Mark. My deepest condolences to you and your family for your sad loss, may he rest in peace. :heart:
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    Re: The Queen Has Died

    Oh yes norman, I remember it well. From the archives - here.

    Thanks for the timely reminder to dig deep for what they're slipping in unnoticed.
  17. Re: Living Frugally: cutting costs for hard times

    I can relate to that Bill, my mum lived through war-time rationing; managed on a tight budget to feed us all well and never wasted anything. She also knitted all our sweaters and cardigans, though...
  18. Re: Living Frugally: cutting costs for hard times

    Where do I start... I've been living frugally for years. Here are some suggestions:

    Acquire skills for mending such as DIY home maintenance, clothes repair, car maintenance. YouTube is good for...
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    Re: What's the Weather Like in Your Area?

    Autumnal here in central England; quite cloudy, mainly dry with a bit of rain at times, sometimes a bit stormy. This year has seemed more like a normal year as far as the seasons have been. In recent...
  20. Re: Failure of sanctions - European energy crisis - currency and economic crisis - winter 2022

    I can't help but think that the timing of the death of Britain's monarch is convenient; the unions have postponed imminent strike action over pay and reportage of turmoil over the cost of living has...
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