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  1. Re: Mary Rodwell: The New Children, and the New Human Race

    I wish to share this incredible interview video:

    Mary is sharing her research and insight about psychic children, their roles and challenges.
    Quite inspiring and optimistic, yet...
  2. Thread: Good News!

    by PathWalker

    Re: Good News!

    The Radioactive Diamond Battery That Will Run For 28,000 Years

    I wish to share this article from popular mechanics (core MSM site):...
  3. Transhumanism in action: spiritual warfare

    Please watch and share the video in the link bellow:
    The title of the video is: "Future Effects of Those Vaccinated for COVID" but it contains much more.

  4. Re: Mary Rodwell: The New Children, and the New Human Race

    I wish to share this amazing interview:


    Mary is sharing messages from contacted Children and provides some spiritual wisdom as well.

    I follow Mary for few years.
  5. Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits (update: all foiled so far)

    Those who think the battle is a legal battle are naive or stupid or both.
    You cant fix a system using the system.
  6. Important mesasge from Inelia Benz, 19 Dec 2020

    I wish to share this important message.
    If you do not know IneliaBentz search her Interview with Bill Ryan in youtube.

    A message about humanity division process and separation mechanics.

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    Re: Project Camelot interviews and updates

    I wish to share this inspiring video:

    Kerry shares her view and recent news about the current event.
    She also provide a spiritual perspective to our experience, which is to my...
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    Re: Has Google lifted Censorship?

    Greetings readers,

    I read today this hopeful article:

    Here is a summary quote:
  9. David Wilcock reviews the coronavirus pandemic

    I wish to share this video from David Wilcock.
    Start watching from min 4.

    Lots of good information for newly awakening people.
    Reduce fear and provide support. I connect with most...
  10. Thread: Good News!

    by PathWalker

    Re: Good News!

    New Plastic “Zeoform” Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything

    By Joe Martino
  11. David Wilcock SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: Declassified in 2020? (Pete Peterson's Final Interview)


    I am watching this video now.
    It has some valuable new information.

    David Wilcock's material is highly recommend to newly awakening. Also quite controversial.

    Personally I...
  12. What China Found on the Moon (Richard Hoagland research)

    I wish to share this interesting video:

    Hoagland share his research and understanding from the Chines public media. He trust it as much as he trust the NASA media.
    We witness a...
  13. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, China, and World War III

    By posting a response you are falling into that situation.
    When you oppose or challenge an opinion here, you start a flaming war. Many time I prefer to be smart rather than correct.
    Post for the...
  14. Re: Update from Simon Parkes: There is an upcoming US coup in progress

    Kerry Kassidy post her response on these news here:
  15. Update from Simon Parkes: There is an upcoming US coup in progress

    I watched this.
    these are serious news!
    Things are happening as we talk.
    The marines are mobilized.

  16. David Wilcock's latest 'disclosure' (Contact in the Desert, 31 May 2019)

    I wish to share this important video.


    I am still watching/listening it as I am posting this.

    There are lots of new disclosure and dot connections.

    I like it the theme of...
  17. Kerry Cassidy explains human origin and maps the territory

    I wish to share this revealing video:


    Kerry Cassidy is interviewed, and explains:
    1 human origins
    2 active ET factions
    3 genetic lineages
    4 human exopolitics
    5 personal...
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    Re: Has anyone actually seen a Thunderbird?

    I could not help it.

    Here is the latest Thunderbirds we saw in TV 40 years ago.
    It was very popular show. And the SF effects were great.


    Looking it up in UT, found there is a...
  19. Kerry Cassidy's response to the Kit Green / Alien Autopsy drama

    Please watch this interesting video from Project Camelot:

  20. Re: Requesting healing and emotional support for my niece Caitlyn

    Balance and comfort going her way.
    Make me wonder the painful spiritual path of this soul.
    Blessing her and appreciating the journey she is going.

    I send strength and resilience to this young...
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