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  1. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    Interesting, and disturbing if true. We're certainly heading that way.

    But, as far as I know, in Canada you still need to give consent for any organization to do a credit check to reveal your...
  2. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    And how is this still a pandemic? 

    It appears to me that as long as people have colds and flu bugs, we will be living within this pandemic. People have accepted the mask to such an extent that I...
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    Mix this in with the simple fact that people are ignoring normal colds and flus and everything is now "covid". The word "cases" is the catch-all phrase to lump all colds and flu bugs into one...
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    Re: Contact through dreams

    I have had a number of similar experiences. Being together in a place with people you know (but you really can't remember who they are) but they are important to you.

    One of these stands out much...
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    Re: Car Mechanic Sh!t

    IF you are out driving around an see a Jag dealership, go on inside. You will see that they have the nicest waiting area for people waiting for their car to be repaired - because that is where they...
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    Re: Where is Ashayana Deane?

    Lol - now I wanna hear what she has to say! :)
  7. Thread: Dying On Hills

    by Patient

    Re: Dying On Hills

    You are certainly not alone. There are more people like us in Canada than most people realize.
  8. Re: Babies born with covid jab in their blood show advanced mobility and strength.

    Hi Tomkat, in my opening post I wrote that it was probably put together to create something that is not real. But I had to respond to your post because you said that due to the bad music choice, that...
  9. Babies born with covid jab in their blood show advanced mobility and strength.

    I felt this needed it's own thread.
    (Mods, please feel free to change the title as I just threw it up there.)

    The new babies, which I hesitate to call human babies because we do not know...
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    Re: The Mandela Effect: What does it mean??

    Also, there was an advertisement in Europe (can not remember which country) where the guy who played jaws in the movie goes into a bank and the teller smiles at him and she is wearing braces. (this...
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    Re: A.I. is Progressing Faster Than You Think!

    If I was ever really connected like in an advanced sci-fi way, I would probably be corrupted with a hard internal crash. :)

    One thing that gets me frustrated is "updates" in software that we use....
  12. Re: Normalising vaccine side-effects, as if it has always been like this

    I had a real LOL moment when I saw this post - thank you Matthew!!

    Back to topic - whatever it is that they did to program the people boggles my mind. So now look at how quickly they can normalize...
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    Re: Personality changes in vaxxed people

    I agree and adding to that - there are people that took the jab and now seeing others around them that also took the jab succumbing to health issues.

    Now that person might realize that they made a...
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    Re: Vaxxidents... ?

    So with this in mind, I would urge people to limit their driving trips when possible. Take extra care at intersections - take an extra look when your light turns green - that one extra look could...
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    Re: Vaxxidents... ?

    I drive throughout much of Southern Ontario at times. Once a month at least, I do a long trip. I have seen worse driving over the last year. My most recent 2 trips have been the worst.

    I find the...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates


    So ... are the news staff at Fox fully vaccinated, or have their minds been this addled all along?

    ...curious minds want to know.[/QUOTE]

    My mind is still messed up over the covid...
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    Very short video here

    As you probably know, that's a very sensitive situation,...
  18. Re: Is this reality getting darker compared to how it looked a few decades ago?

    I realize that we are talking about "dark" as evil, but I came into this thread based upon the title alone because...

    it was so dark outside last night, it was unnerving. Similar to how a night...
  19. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    I am really happy that Stew let this young woman speak. To repeatedly...
  20. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    Great to see the protests, but they need to get smarter.
    If the police can come in full gear including helmets, then the
    front line protesters need to do the same.
    They need to fight fire with...
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