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  1. Re: New Nasa images point towards a UFO crash site spotted on Mars

    Mars always fascinated me, maybe also because 'my' younger face is on the surface there. Yeah, that is spooky.

    I have tons of bookmarks about artifacts and structures on Mars (and...
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    Interesting comparison between the 1978 demo version and this new one.


    Btw, I like the look of the new Avatars ... er ... ABBA-tars.

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    Re: If you could meet anyone...

    Some also doubt that the first one existed, even with books written about this. I think both did though but what really went on with them and how they really were we will never know.
  4. Re: Corey Goode Is Starting His Own Social Media And Paid Content Site.... Who's Joining? lol

    He would have to pay me to join.
  5. Re: Facebook Falls after Whistleblower on 60 minutes also Down on all platforms!

    Hope they STAY down (stock price and websites) FOREVER.
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    I think he has a kind of "UFO disease" as he is now forced to put out stuff regularly. For me he kind of jumped the shark when he started about reptilian aliens and his experiences with them or...
  7. Re: I'm not sure I'm functioning properly. Things are taking a toll

    All five of "The Convoluted Universe" books can be downloaded by using a Tor browser and going to this tor address. Enter "The Convoluted Universe" in the search box and all five books should be...
  8. Re: I'm not sure I'm functioning properly. Things are taking a toll

    I think we live in the time of "THE SHIFT" that was talked about (or "THE EVENT") to take place in this time for so long (not 2012). The Schism taking place. The Old Earth (still with the majority of...
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    I am not even a native English speaker but studied linguistics including phonology of the English language many years ago. What I always find quite charming then when listening to Abba is that they...
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    A revolutionary act we witness. (as the saying goes: 'In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.')
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    Re: Disassociation in China

    No, definitely not exclusive and yes, staged events carry with them their own concerns, but to be clear, it's not the apparent violence or criminality, petty or otherwise, that concerns him but the...
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    Re: Disassociation in China

    But this also happens in many 'Western' cities too, also seen from these staged 'experiments' (not a fan of them either). It is certainly appalling but it is really a China-exclusive problem?
  13. Re: Motivation - stand together - say NO!

    IMV, Any sign is what you make it with your cultural or only personal / psychological background.

    Just think about 'swastika' as another example. It was not invented by the Nazis, just misused,...
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    Re: Future zoomer and beyond generation

    Makes me laugh because this could have backfired easily by turning the tables on her 'logic'. When she says she dates only Asian guys she excludes other minorities (not talking about anti-white here...
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    Wow what a document.

    By the way, as this is from Germany: ""
    --> Club der klaren Worte means "Club of...
  16. Re: Trigger Warnings Are Too Triggering

    The fact that even 'Trigger Warnings Are Too Triggering' for some ... really triggers me now.
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    Re: What's up with Trump?

    The decisive thing is that he does not promote vax mandates but vax free choice. That is still a difference. What he personally prefers is up to him although I heard he was always critical of the vax...
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    Always loved Abba and was a bit (like many men of young age, or boys..) in love with Agnetha somewhat.

    I rediscovered them for me already in the mid-00-years (still pre-YouTube area) and did a...
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    Re: Life and death

    You cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, not all the time but actually not at all. You - and all of us - need to seek timeouts, also from the internet and mass media. Take at least...
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    Re: Vaccine propaganda

    The obvious stupidity on display in this 'argument list' actually makes it ANTI-VAX propaganda for me. :facepalm:;)
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