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    Re: Archaix - youtube channel

    He is VERY interesting Delight... Jason has done a lot of interviews in the past month, and NONE are the same... It's a LOT to take in and digest....

    I have known about Jason and think...
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    Re: Archaix - youtube channel

    I envy you knowledge of numbers John and can't add to it... apologies.
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    Archaix - youtube channel

    Archaix is a channel ran by Jason. He spent 26 yrs in a Texas jail, apart from being a complete Ass during his first few years he was always interested in history. He says we ALL live in a...
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    Re: Who knew about Covid-19 in advance?

    Bill Cooper knew what was going on he tried to warn us before they killed him...

    Yes. :thumbsup: Here's the book in the Avalon Library.

    Behold a Pale Horse, by William Cooper...
  5. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    This is weird weather right...
    This one is from this evening


    This one from this morning

  6. Re: Canadian Truckers Free Our World: the Tipping Point Event we were waiting for

    Not sure this is even relevant in this thread (Mods please feel free to move) but this is a recent (28th Jan 2022) interview with Justin Trudeau's half brother ....
    He's very much on OUR side, just...
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    Re: Will Anywhere in the World be Safe?

    AT the end of the day, do you like where you live? if you don't move... Find the life you'd like to live!...

    It may not be perfect, but at least you're trying to live a BETTER life...

    Have I...
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    Re: Will Anywhere in the World be Safe?

    Yep once you are 12miles from any land it's a "free for all" as there are no laws that govern it. While there might be agreements as to what you are supposed to do, nobody pays attention... Fact......
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    Re: How do you see the next 50 years?

    The question was "How do you see the next 50 yrs" I haven't read the thread... But in my world I see a future where I would like to live in happiness with abundance... So therefore I am being...
  10. Re: Dr Reiner Fuellmich (he took down Volkswagen NOW he's after Mr Global)

    Mike, we will WIN ... it's already written...
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    Re: The Light System

    Sorry don't know how to embed this but this is the interview he did with "Ray" at the start of the year...FREE to watch...

  12. Re: Heads up for UK Chicken/Bird keepers - Bird Flu - must be indoors from Dec 17

    It's now 2022 and according to the government we have another convenient "epidemic" of bird flu in the UK.... Since December 2021 your back yard chickens should be quarantined under appropriate cover...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    And folks still can't see anything wrong!
  14. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    YES let them see themselves.... !!!
  15. Re: Clif High's videos, tweets and articles: the years of Woo

    Thank you Alpha141

    Who isn't hungry for the 'truth' and what may lay ahead for all of us...

    I think it's really important to lessen the hold that any type of 'Fear' may have over us and to...
  16. Re: Let's list conspiracy theories that came to pass

    Clear Light we are so far apart in our own views this conversation is now pointless... I wish you and your family members well and I sincerely hope they are all ok... Lets agree to 'differ' because...
  17. Thread: Fear

    by EarthGirl

    Re: Fear

    Yes Mike very valid point, but there comes a point when they are trying to get us to undergo the same type of fear over and over and over again. 18mths now !

    There are those folk out there that...
  18. Re: Let's list conspiracy theories that came to pass

    All you are doing is listing 'phantom' symptoms as instructed to do so !!!

    Do you have first hand experience?

    And may I also note those symtoms are those of cold/flu/hey-fever etc etc...
  19. Thread: Butt Tumors

    by EarthGirl

    Re: Butt Tumors

    Again your asking the wrong person as I don't own one... never will and can't be arssed ? lol...

    I'm sorry. You might get a "bum" tumor if you take up the habit, being from the UK and...
  20. Re: Let's list conspiracy theories that came to pass

    I wish you well Clear Light as you are clearly 'under the illusion' and seem to be very succumbed by it all as well, all you have given me is just continual 'trolling propaganda' which is...
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