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  1. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    The problem is that the great mass of Group 3 is not waking up like it was hoped for and forecasted years ago when Group 1 had more optimism regarding consciousness shift. It is not happening. No...
  2. Re: Biden's First War: Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia (WW3?)

    I never understood the Red Dawn scenario. Even on many alternative sites (e.g. Natural News) I often read how especially China (not Russia that much) will 'invade' the US. Nobody will invade the US....
  3. Biden's First War: Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia (WW3?)

    We again have a war presidency with Biden/Harris for sure. The agenda seems clear.

    The US now without doubt prepares and helps Ukraine for war against the Donbass. The Donbass also prepares for...
  4. Re: Much of Alternative Media Becoming Just As Toxic And Damaging As MSM

    The spiritual argument goes as far back as to Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. I like a lot about his work and Anthroposophic thinking but he might have seen the topic of vaccinations in the frame...
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

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    I remember another or similar version given in a regressive hypnosis session in one of Dolores Cannon's book.

    In this version the planet (Maldek, Tiamat, Phaeton?) in our solar system that is now...
  7. Re: Do you eat meat? Could you, Would you...?

    No meat for years, almost ten or so. Been also a vegan last year for three months but changed to vegetarian again for practical circumstances.

    I have my three reasons: animal love, health and...
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    Re: Soundtrack for the end of the world

    This album contained even two very literal end-of-world songs. It was the year 1982, during the time of the "old Cold War", not the many new ones we have today.

    Damals = Back In The Days (Back...
  9. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    We need to distinguish between 'natural' sugar in food and the industrial / refined / saccharine sugar. The first is mostly okay since we need lots of glucose to survive and for energy anyway,...
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    No. Please leave it. It is also posted on a lot of other forums and on Social Media (where it is of course quickly censored away). It could be true and you just need a subscription to dig 'deeper'...
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    I have seen the info about the almost 4000 deaths so far also a few days ago shown with the website of the database during a broadcast of my favourite alternative TV show in my country (Nuoviso).
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

    Oh wait ... it's not Webre. I actually thought Mr. Courtney Brown of the Farsight Remote Viewing Institute is now Earth's representative. At least that is what he claims and (kind of) 'acts' to be. ...
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    Re: All Sports All The Time

    Love it.

    I was a chess nerd as a child, even buying and studying colorful textbooks. I had it all covered: One book for openings, one for midgame, one for the endgame.

    Had an...
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    Not into any religion. But I listen to the music of Nordic folk bands and it is (not just for me) the most spiritual and soul awaking music you can think of. I also love the connection to nature.
  15. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    Agree to your French :clapping: . But you are not a thread-crasher since it has been said here before, by me (in another post) and others, have you read the entire thread at all?
  16. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    The OP bears without doubt some truth but the problem is indeed that the poster does not come across as genuine to me.

    There is even a bit of a contradiction. If you are 'ascended' somehow or even...
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    Re: Americans Are A Silly People

    Situation: Something bad is happening or has happened. Boogeyman needed. Two possible extreme (-ist) reactions depending on which 'side' of the ideological wall you're on, especially in the US:
  18. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    There are two topics I think that should be discussed each one apart.

    The one is masturbation in general. I've heard often that the occasional jerk-off even in older age is 'needed' for your...
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    Re: What is Project Avalon to you?

    ... Escape ...

  20. Re: What Happens After You Die And Before You Reincarnate - Between Lives

    I also read Newton's books years ago. Even tried a Regression by a therapist trained by his institute (they are all around the world) but unfortunately I was not hypnotisable that day or in general. ...
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