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  1. Re: The Reptilian Shape Shifting Replacement Hypothesis

    This concept, and public 'meme' of the Reptilian over lords is the sharp rocked reef that Icke met his nemesis on: even sympathetic folks who were willing to listen and acknowledge David Icke's...
  2. Re: When it is time to say ENOUGH! Calling out the New Age Philosophical BS

    I hear the frustration, and justified anger in your article; yes the WWW based 'healers' are being enabled by a new class of "Entrepreneur Builders' - people such as Jeff Walker who runs his...
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    For all my fellow Australian folk, have you seen this video from the 'Rudd'?2z8tbYj3Rgw
    I must say he is a remarkably stupid man, calling Sky News Australia the 'Murdoch Press', as if this is all he...
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    Re: Being ready when it gets to our door.

    Quite so, I agree with you. The people they conscript for this kind of door-to-door work are the 'useful idiots' we hear so much about, they are willing missionaries who believe absolutely in the...
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    Re: Are these documents real?

    Yes, made in China, it is a hoax IMHO
  6. Re: High chance of more extreme floods coming to Europe in 2022

    I think the Suspicious Observers project is gaining traction, the climate alarmists are greatly perturbed by Ben's recent videos, they attempted to debunk the conclusions, but had to resort to cherry...

    Ahhh, my beautiful pussy cat, I love you..come to Pepe, kiss kiss, where are you running to my dear? I love Pepe!
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    Just as a FYI My Dinner With Andre is freely available: O4lvOjiHFw0 in case you wanted to re-see it or watch it for the 1st
  9. Re: Where were you on July 19, 2021?... Making a Stand for All of Humanity!

    This retired policeman is not giving us new information, but it is remarkable because he is Mr Normal and he will reach many other 'ordinary folks', 100% gold standard.
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    Re: (s7e6e asks) is Avalon a CIA platform?

    From my own intuition I would say if the intelligence community wanted to present a 'honey trap' and to control narratives they would employ something more like YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn-not a modest...
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    Re: Take a day off from saving the world

    You are absolutely On-Target mate, on this community we have a much larger proportion of folks who feel the plight of the world more acutely, who know that TRUTH is not being given, that the Normies...
  12. Re: Vaxx is creating a HUGE divide among families / friends

    Sorry to hear about this Dave. My father passed (or was made to pass with Morphine more like) with Vascular Dementia, he did not know anyone, or know what time he was living in, where e.t.c truly a...
  13. Re: Draw your sword, things are about to get real.

    Speaking of Earth cataclysms, Ben Davidson of the SuspiciousObservers channel on YouTube has marked out a 'survival map' for the Tilt/magnetic reversal/micro nova event that is expected 'very soon'....
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    Every time there is an Anti-Lock Down protest, we tell them just how many people don't believe their lies, how many are unaffected by their sophisticated propaganda, we show them just how many of us...
  15. Re: I see a new new world coming, will you be a part of it?

    This reminds me of the song from the 1970's, Roger Whitaker: New world in The Mornin' r9nz_KfxSAM

    Although Roger is not a 'cool dude' in the scheme of things, in fact he is like an embarrassing...
  16. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)


    Along with the magnetic reversal there is the 'TILT' of the earth, where the current poles go to the equator, then it shifts back again, causing massive tsunamis and inland flooding of...
  17. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Yes. One might even say that if there had been an ET takeover of the human race, it'd look just like what's been happening in the last few decades.[/QUOTE]

    You know, I think there is a lot of...
  18. Re: Daniel Sheehan's Statement about Elizondo, Mellon, and Steven Greer

    I think Satori expressed it very well, the entire campaign which has been gaining fuel and media momentum in recent years exposes the complexity and intense investment different people have in this...
  19. Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    The idea of an Underworld persists, but also the idea of the wicked people being punished for their misdeeds and their complete indifference to the plight of others. If we accept that people cannot...
  20. Re: Trump files class action against BIG TECH. Will he win...?

    The obvious lie that 'promoting violence' is the justification for these bans needs to be addressed, otherwise this is a mockery of truth itself.
    At some point a halt must be brought to the...
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