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    Re: Turmoil in Armenia

    I was listening last week to an old interview by Vahan Setyan on the Armenian roots of civilisation. Armenia used to extend much further than its present borders and included the area where Gobekli...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Well, that's going to go down a treat... I've seen petite and slender ladies controlling the queue at my local supermarket, I don't fancy their chances with a belligerent hulk of a brute. That would...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Sorry I can't help, but the oddest thing is that I did a reverse image search and it reveals no results - maybe it's been scrubbed?

    I've looked in Images but couldn't find one with that guy in the...
  4. Re: Commented On My Sister's FB Page - Whoops

    Good on you!:clapping: :happythumbsup:

    That's not really an option for me at work though; I'm only seconded there at the mo, my regular job will probably vanish this spring and I would like to be...
  5. Re: Commented On My Sister's FB Page - Whoops

    It's even worse in the UK where, unless you know where to look, the only news outlets are the MSM who are largely Left-leaning and think that Trump is evil incarnate.

    A work colleague who is only...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Oh no... so sorry to hear that, much love to you Valerie.
  7. Re: "Biden wins"... interesting choice of words?!?!?!?

    I've switched off from it all for a while as it all felt like one of those long-running whodunnit series strung out over a few months. You know how it goes - you grab on the few snippets of clues...
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    Re: Is JFK Jr Still Alive?

    Seeing as The Return of the King is in full fever pitch, I decided to look at Vincent Fusca. (I'm having a job to format this, so it might look like a dog's dinner, here goes...)

    He is not JFK Jr....
  9. Re: Is it just me? (Logging in/ confirming things twice now)

    I was led to believe that the reason for all this malarkey was EU regulation for 'consumer protection' (that's what my bank told me when I complained); even though we've left the EU, much of their...
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    Re: Cosmic conspiracy

    Merci beaucoup, Lunesoleil.

    I've just had the time to read through it at leisure; it addresses all the shortcomings that I've found in three decades of seeking truth. I've copied it into a...
  11. Re: Gerry Marsden Dead - You'll Never Walk Alone

    Oh yes, I remember whenever Liverpool played in my home city it was wonderful to hear that sung from the Away fans Kop.

    RIP Gerry, all the best on your soul's journey.
  12. Re: Happy New Year, Avalonians. Post a wish, an observation, a rant, a resolution

    May the coming year bring the best outcome for humanity as a whole and end our enslavement.

    May truth prevail and lies be exposed.

    Happy New Year everyone.
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    Re: Did Maria Orsic really exist?

    I don't think this has been posted here; whether or not someone did exist of that name, the photo is fake. A clearly 1960s face was photoshopped onto a 1940s photo and this highlights the...
  14. Re: The Opal File - How Australia & NZ got shafted.

    Have just come across this today... what a fascinating read. I got the document from Wayback, it's in quite a fragmented format so I pasted it into a doc and reformatted it.

    It could be dry for...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Hahaha! They really are flailing in the quagmire with this cr*p.

    Yes you can listen to BBC radio catch up worldwide; it's just their TV catch up that you can only watch if you're in the UK.
  16. Re: BBC Publishes Cringe Guide For 'Talking To Conspiracy Theorist Relatives' At Christmas

    That's the typical patronising, sneering attitude of the Beeb.

    Take heart, the BBC is on its uppers as people are cancelling their TV licences in droves. We have to have a TV licence here to watch...
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    Re: What are you having for Christmas dinner?

    We normally have Brazil nut roast en croute with veggies, but Christmas is postponed this year... I came home from work early at 1am yesterday with terrible indigestion, slept for 24 hours and still...
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    Re: Ground crew - hold the line!

    Thanks for that Ben; very interesting and I agree, very important.

    Please note that this 'Stop press' is at the top of the article:

    "Stop Press the ceremony is definitely on …. the timing we...
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    Re: Ground crew - hold the line!

    Thank you for posting this Mike, it's one of my favourite cinematic scenes of all time; truly uplifting.

    I can never forget my friend in the cinema, just before Theoden's speech, who leaned over...
  20. Re: Richard D Hall December 2020 Presentation "Scamdemic"

    I'm with you there; I've met Richard twice and spoken to him at length; he has an amazing memory and ability to make connections. If you give him an opinion, he will tease out and stretch your...
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