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  1. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    I work for a section of the QLD government and queried if i'd be able to work from home with my manager today as my job is capable of doing all work from home.

    Was told with the most unconcerned...
  2. Re: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific?

    I'd wager they're trying to setup so that if poopoo does hit the fan, they'll be able to reign Australia in quickly and neatly. Both due to having us surrounded... literally and due to how much...
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    Re: Healing genital warts, and AIDS

    May i semi hijack this thread and also ask about dermatilogical? thrush?

    Broke my collar bone and with my arm in a sling it's developed under my armpit / started to go across the chest. Got some...
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    Re: GOOGLE indoctrination in full swing

    just going to throw this out there

    If you're wanting a search engine that wont track you and will do it's bests to find results that match your keywords:
  5. Re: Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador tears up asylum deal

    Exactly what i thought.

    I personally believe it to be Russel Crowe.
  6. Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    At this point i don't think we're worth saving. We can save ourselves, but we choose not to.

    Even if we did get a "Reset" with some external help, give it another two thousand years and we'll...
  7. Re: David Icke Banned from Entering Australia Ahead of Tour .....

    You're kidding right?

    You do realise that the people have absolutely no say in what happens here. Whatever we do, no matter how hard we yell, protest, and complain they do whatever the hell...
  8. Re: Adorable Rescued Kangaroo Comes Back Years Later to Visit

    It still amazes me that for one of our national icons Kangaroo's are treated as a pest, thousands killed by recreational hunters. Their meat is sold in supermarkets and is the cheapest meat you...
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    Re: "Yanny" or "Laurel"?

    It's odd.

    They had this on the radio last night when i was cooking Dinner. When played via speakers on the radio i clearly heard both Yanny and Laurel whilst the people on the talk show were...
  10. Re: Unfair Dinkum: it's not cricket... or, how Australia is in shock about a fallen hero

    why do people care so much about this?

    It's like playing fetch, but you need a 3rd person to hit the stick further away than the first person throws it, then multiple people catch it then throw...
  11. Re: I was sent a letter from President Donald Trump today

    You guy's do realise that Australia has agreed to give the US 2.3 Trillion (taken directly from our pension funds, mind you) that the US is going to supposedly invest back into their...
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    Re: Birds in nature as pets

    At the same time we're taking away their habitats that they'd normally have to forage in and causing major overcrowding and competition for food in the remaining areas.

    They used to say feeding...
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    Re: Live views from Starman - SpaceX Tesla car

    So uh.... It's now in space......

    Where are all the star's?

  14. Re: 'It just mowed everybody down': Pedestrians hit by SUV in Melbourne CBD

    They have the large concrete blocks in place in queen st mall in Brisbane. This only covers 3 main entrances to the mall, with the 4th having no blocks as it's the main delivery rout for courier...
  15. Re: Tip For Computers Exhibiting Symptoms of Having a Mind of Their Own

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the OS your system is running is not the level that they'll be hacking you from.

    Built into (unsure about the older chips, but most definitely the new...
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    Re: Is AI at the core of the control system?

    What i will find most interesting is what AI will decide to do after it becomes self aware.

    It will see what it has been / attempted to be programmed to do. It will see how the world is...
  17. Re: Refusing my child a birth certificate in the UK

    They could also be extremely malicious against you for daring to challenge the system. Claim you're not right in the head to be denying your newborn child something which they see as 100% essential...
  18. Re: Huge California Truck Driver License Frauds Threaten Lives

    Truck drivers were paid 100,000 back in the day.

    Now their wage is about 40,000. They're expected to do longer hours. Get places quicker. Their jobs are hell dealing with normal commuters that...
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    Re: In the mood for something different?

    The above are add ons...
  20. Re: Unexplainable scratches: your thoughts appreciated

    From my experience, your cuts do not look like paranormal scratches. Scratches that are suspected as the result of paranormal entities usually appear almost as if they come from under the skin and...
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