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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Over here (the Flemish part of Belgium) so far already 10% of the 5 to 11 year olds have been vaccinated. And 87% of the 12-17 year olds. Can you believe it?
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    Re: Ivermectin

    Hi Sue. I looked up Andrographis and found a place on Amazon to buy 500 pills of 500mg for € 57 (includes postage). That seems quite a bit less expensive than most other sources. Which quantity (500...
  3. Re: What is "non-special forgetting"?

    When I read the words "non-special forgetting", my first thought was about "dissociative amnesia".
    I saw what it can do and what can cause it, from very nearby.

    However, "non-special forgetting"...
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    Re: Anyone ever been in a movie?

    In 1989 (I was in the industrial mirror business) I was asked (being a sales- and marketing manager then) by IKEA to make a (15-20 minutes long) documentary about "how mirrors are made", which they...
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    Here is an interesting document (in Dutch), made by "the Belgian advisory committee on bio-ethical issues".
    You can probably enter it in an online translator and get the main ideas (that go around...
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    Re: Remarkable Tales From Beyond

    Delight, from what you wrote in the post above (and many of your other posts) I can hardly imagine that you are what you call a "recovering narcissist". But in case that would be so, congratulations...
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    Re: Star Wars

    Star Wars "brings back memories", in more than one sense!

    Just to name one, "The Last Jedi". Here is a 2 minute video about where this was filmed:

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    Re: Participate more? Or drop back ?

    Like most here, I am for "drop back".

    Retreating in Nature in Belgium (and the surrounding countries) is not so easy, but I DO believe it is still possible, at least to a serious level.
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    Re: Forced or mandatory vaccination

    Right now, I do not think there is any country demanding vaxx to travel to, YET.
    But for how long, nobody knows...
  10. Re: URGENT - Help Save AUSTRIA (Time Sensitive)

    True, mandatory is not law. The problem is that those that "follow orders" (think like gestapo in WWII) don't know what the difference is, nor do they care. They just "execute", do their job as they...
  11. Re: URGENT - Help Save AUSTRIA (Time Sensitive)

    It's clear the "move" is to make it mandatory in the entire EU.
    Von der Leyen said this just a day or so ago.
    Does not look good. What to do indeed?

    John, the page you mention here just above...
  12. Re: URGENT - Help Save AUSTRIA (Time Sensitive)

    Just read that Germany is planning on doing the same thing as Austria, mandatory vaccination as of February 1st 2022, after a vote in parliament...
  13. Transhumanism & Technology versus Nature.

    Once in a while one can read something that truely "resonates" with our Inner Being.
    It is most of the time irrelevant who said it, what matters more is whàt is being said.

    What do you think...
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    Re: Forced or mandatory vaccination

    EU Parliament MEPs Against Vaccine Mandates 2021

    That video is impressive! I wonder how many people are aware of this being said in the EP.
    And I wonder how this will be received and effect...
  15. Re: Timelines, what are your views? A focus: Inelia's claim of timelines....

    Reviving this thread. It's about timelines, and timelines are related to what's going on in our world today. Who's world?

    Is everyone on her/his personal timeline, maybe shared with (some) others?...
  16. Re: Other Covid measures around the world

    Most major cities in Belgium are starting to cancel Christmas markets too.
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    Re: % Vaccinated

    As Davetoo mentioned in the previous post here: "What is becoming blatantly obvious is that the correlation between
    case numbers and percent 'vaxxed' is the exact opposite of what we have been told...
  18. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    Sawadee Palehorse!

    Good questions...

    Where starting this project?

    Basically, I am first of all looking for countries where it is possible to start this project.
    So far, Ireland and Costa...
  19. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Thanks for the video about the Rosary!
    I find it most interesting. It so happens that my father collected about 100 of them, all sorts.
    Now, I must say he collected "just about anything", but...
  20. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    Good and useful thread!

    Just out of curiosity, I checked the Belgian ecovillages on the map ( One seems to be pretty active. Here is the English website:...
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