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    Re: Animals are Magical

    Since the big freeze here I have had my shoes go missing off the porch. I take them off before I go into the house. First it was one flip flop, then one of my leather boots, the next night my...
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    Re: How many languages do you speak?

    When I was learning Chinese in college, I sang happy birthday in Chinese to a dear friend. When he got done laughing he told me I had offered oral sex.....Chinese is hard!
  3. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    Well I survived the big freeze here in Texas, near Kerrville. I melted quite a bit of snow for my animals and to flush with and did not notice any anomalies. This was however very odd weather for...
  4. Re: Is anyone else considering moving to another country to somewhere freer of covid measures?

    Another good idea is to learn the language of the country. It will make your life much easier. Remember that every country has it's issues.
  5. Re: More recent photos of Mexican artefacts

    The spiral objects in pictures 7-10, are fossil ammonites.
  6. Re: My new Musical HYPNOTTA. sharing for the first time here on Avalon

    Wow Doug! The music and the photography are amazing. My ex-sister in law drank herself to death one night. This made me think of her.
  7. Re: I'm looking for book reviews (for my book)

    Thank you! I look forward to reading it!
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    Re: The Virus - the Energetic Viewpoint

    I spoke with a friend of mine who just got over Covid. She and her husband had it at the same time. Their experiences were very different. She said the brain fog was terrifying. She remembers...
  9. Re: What's the first piece of music you spent your own money on?

    After the Gold Rush....Neil Young
  10. Re: What would you do for a "Source Self Aware" baby or young child if it was within your power to do whatever you thought best?

    I know a child like this. Well he isn't really a child anymore. When he goes into the forest animals come up to him. We were at the river once and dozens of dragon flies landed on his head and...
  11. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    I don't know who the interviewer is but the gentleman he is talking to must be a saint for not just telling the crazy guy to just bugger off.
  12. Re: Natural Homes: techniques, solutions and beautiful images

    3D printed houses constructed with locally sourced clay.

    What a interesting and useful...
  13. Re: New Mars pictures from NASA: clouds and not as red as usual

    I would love to see that data. It might not be salt that is keeping the water from freezing. But it is clear Mars went through many changes. In the middle of that river delta you see in the one...
  14. Re: New Mars pictures from NASA: clouds and not as red as usual

    I enjoyed that video. I wonder if anyone has considered using biophotons to attack cancer cells.
  15. Re: Name a popular food/dish from your area

    Stuffed Venison Backstrap with walnut, sage and cremini mushrooms:
  16. Re: New Mars pictures from NASA: clouds and not as red as usual

    I find the landforms fascinating. They are the same landforms we see on earth, formed by water movement.
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    Re: Any Sitar players here?

    I found this enjoyable.

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    Re: Update on the Dead Sea Scrolls

    Remember to the right is the "reply with quote" button! Makes it easier to understand who you are responding too!
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    Re: Avoiding the Experimental Vaccine

    My sister told me this morning that she and her husband have an appointment to get their vaccinations today. She said, "And you should too, it is good for the people and the country". I felt like...
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    Re: Quick Kundalini Awakening

    Thank you Ratzinger for sharing that amazing experience. You are indeed blessed!
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