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    Re: The Satanic Message of Stairway to Heaven(?)

    David Oates did make a business out of reversal speech. He claims that reversal speech is act of subconscious mind that in that way tells person's true intentions. He did speech reversal on talks of...
  2. Spike protein impairs DNA damage repair and impede adaptive immunity

    SARS-CoV-2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro​

    So, the spike protein, be it in virus or in vaccines, impairs...
  3. Re: Is this reality getting darker compared to how it looked a few decades ago?

    What if all this darkening of our reality culminating with covid19 plandemic is there just to prevent people from ascension? What if covid19 jabs have the same purpose?
  4. Re: Is this reality getting darker compared to how it looked a few decades ago?

    With the apple offered to Eve came the promise of becoming like Gods. Same is the promise of new technologies represented with Apple and its logo. New technologies are literary the new forbidden...
  5. Is this reality getting darker compared to how it looked a few decades ago?

    Not sure what I am about to say will resonate with other people...But this is how I see the spiritual side of our evolution. It seems we are going in wrong direction.

    Don't you feel that this...
  6. Re: 900-year-old prediction of Popes coming to an end NOW

    so we know it's about oceans flooding large areas and has to do with countries that were at time of prophecy and of its interpretation communist countries

    lets put 2 and 2 together... in the case...
  7. Re: Is 1984 Becoming a Reality? - George Orwell's Warning to the World

    What is ahead of us might be worse than 1984. In the book there was possibility not to be part of the ruling class and to live poor but normal life. This was also the case in communistic regimes of...
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    Re: Repto-humans need mRNA jab?

    Few wild thoughts I have on this topic:

    Perhaps the "ascension" process in case of humans with reptiloid DNA is an evolution towards being full fledged reptiles. Maybe mRNA jab helps reptiloids...
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    Re: Geomagnetic Reversals and Ice Ages

    I am not convinced that pole reversal causes ice age. I do not see logic in it. If pole shift is sudden I would expect enormous earthquakes and mega storms and even changes in elevation of certain...
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    Re: Harald Kautz Vella explains 'Black Goo'

    The most interesting and most complete story of Black Goo I found on a youtube channel under the name Cosmic Agency that claims to transmit messages from Pleiadeans (they claim it is via chat on...
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    Re: Big Question: What Happens When We Die?

    I think everyone is experiencer, soul and not the body. So whatever one believes they do not disappear after death. They continue learning the lessons of life. To realize how it all works I highly...
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    Re: Can Immortality Exist...?

    I agree with this. In my viewpoint soul is immortal and there is no point in making body immortal. We are here in order to deal with predefined lessons of life, to learn about people and life, to...
  13. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    At some point in my life, I had voices trying to take my soul by using all kinds of tricks. After explaining them that my soul also belong to God they started claiming right on the half of my soul. I...
  14. Re: Would Scapegoating & Harassment be Schizophrenia

    I do not think TI phenomena is all that new technology. The way I see it is that we live in a world that is a simulation. We receive signals for our senses from the system and not through our actual...
  15. Re: Bluetooth connectivity of vaccinated people? True or false?

    Prior to bumping on this thread, I found out on interent about the Bluetooth issue concerning the vaccinated, so I searched topic names in the Vaccination section of the forum for bluetooth, and...
  16. Re: Bluetooth connectivity of vaccinated people? True or false?

    Spanish speaking doctor Dr Luis Benito claims he did the following test on his patients. He turned on bluetooth on his mobile phone. He made observations whether there is a bluetooth signal present...
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    Re: Stop 5G before it's irreversible!

    5G is not needed for faster internet on mobile phones - it is fast enough. 5G is not needed for industrial robots and for in-home smart devices, as those are attached to LAN or Wi-Fi access points....
  18. Re: It is official: We all are under mass hypnosis ... but some are immune to the mass conditioning!

    rulers of this material world always play on both sides. They try to control both position and opposition. In that way they lead us down the road of less resistance and into choosing sides instead of...
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