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  1. Re: Was the 15 Jan 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption Artificially Engineered?

    One thing I noticed about the vid of the eruption was the direction of the dust plume in relation to the other weather directions.
    I guess it shows how different the wind flow is at different heights
  2. Don't Call Me Bigfoot | Full Movie | Documentary

    Mods move to a better post if you like and sorry if already posted.

    Good listen and well presented, add to the knowledge :)
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    Re: Caption This.

    Spoiler alert:
    Clip form the new 2022 film 'Idiocracy 2'
  4. Re: Did The Third Reich evolve into the Fourth (Reich) Industrial Revolution?

    Yup Rebranding, the war at the top level was a scam, they don't lose.

    They just moved house after they raped the world peoples, after testing all their weapons on the peoples, after doing all the...
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    Re: UFOs/Censorship in China

    Good and enlightening post SoulValor.

    Good to hear the average citizen in China are on the whole just like us, and not as official police paints
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    Re: Participate more? Or drop back ?

    Hi thepainterdoug It's simple.
    View the information and make the connections you really feel are worthy, keep them up to date.
    Be functioning in that way and everything else use discernment on, can...
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    Re: The Alien Agenda

    There are a lot of souls on others planets not just this one.
    A lot of those are making the choice to reincarnate here and now, they not new in way you are thinking.
  8. Re: Elon Musk Finally Reveals Artificial Gravity Starship 2021

    I'm glad it seems like Mr Musk is the real thing as far as pushing space tech etc. but the title of this post dose not seem right to me.
    It's suggestive that Mr Musk has introduced new tech, I.E...
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    Re: Fire Drills

    Glad you got it sorted there Bill.

    Another good name for Fire Drill is "Test Run"

    Not wanting to be a downer but, remember being setup and ready (Prepped) is great but, the main threat comes...
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    Re: Predictions for 2022

    Hmm well more hoping than predicting:

    I Still believe the Moon was placed where it is (Exactly) and that it is still populated by those that made it.
    I think within the year 2022 signs and...
  11. Re: If the power grid goes down... then what?

    If the power grid goes down Bill, well ill say good bye to you and everyone now :(

    Haven't watched that vid yet, is it hopeful?

    STRANGE watched this last night
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    Re: How do you see the next 50 years?

    I think these next 50 years are the hardest to see, it's beyond me to see at the present.
    What could change, there is just so many things on the edge atmo

    Health of the people ?
    Health of the...
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    Re: Don't Look Up

    Let us not forget, they the powers that be never tell it straight, it is always manipulated, it's always a backhander
  14. Re: Declassified documents show how US lied to Russia about NATO in 1990s

    Why should Russia be any different to the rest lol.
  15. Re: Elon Musk Finally Reveals Artificial Gravity Starship 2021

    like so many others shown in history, musk is being allowed to be the head of the permitted, the allowed.

    Not what is.
  16. Re: Describing Every Single Extraterrestrial Species

    Djins Exist and so any colour you like can exist :)
  17. Re: NASA Enlists 24 Theologians To Assess How The World Would React To Discovery of Alien Life

    NASA Robots wan't 24 examples of how to React To the Discovery of Alien Life, but too afraid to come straight out and ask for it 0.o

    24 Hmm! Angel number.

  18. Thread: Life is

    by Sunny-side-up

    Re: Life is

    Life is the composite electro-chemical-bio manifest gem of the material realm.
    It gives consciousness a material body to function in and experiment.
    It is our user interface.
    It is such so...
  19. Re: Declassified documents show how US lied to Russia about NATO in 1990s



    If you go too far into the West, do you eventually reach the East ?
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    Re: The UAP Task Force: is this 'disclosure'?


    That is totally true, unless one is captured or one contacts directly and says they are not from earth, well then they are just "baffling " tech.
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