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  1. Re: "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Discussion thread

    The natives said that land is cursed. They wanted nothing to do with it.

    Cows have disappeared or been drained of all fluids.

    People experience headaches, anxiety, equipment...
  2. Re: Live Congressional UFO-UAP Hearing May 17th 2022

    When/if Trump becomes president is when the "good et vs bad et" card could be played. He already knows - at least to some degree- that ET's are a player in things. He's been groomed for this in my...
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    I always have to rise above the current events to maintain my stability. This is a war and its the war we created and we must repent IMO.


    A lot of this is being done TO us...
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    Who's asking for divine intervention? Anyone here? Yes sitting back not asking will get not results. That's what this is about at this stage of the game. If prayer can't save us we don't have a...
  5. Re: "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Discussion thread

    I watched the whole series. That ranch is like the "foot in the door" presence of ....something. Something that enjoys messing with these guys and finds their cluelessness entertaining. But what...
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    Re: Overnight dream that shook me

    A trusted source has been told the book of Enoch deserves a careful study and retranslation. There are important clues in this text.
    Mizo's dream confirms this for me.
  7. Re: Having multiple PTSD's - How it shaped me to be who I am

    Many variables but ultimately finding a way to heal is the way forward. Some are more resilient than others to be sure
  8. Re: Having multiple PTSD's - How it shaped me to be who I am

    Truth seekers like many here on Avalon are literally singled out for special treatment. The dark forces have tech beyond our wildest dreams, able to search for Light bringers or as they see them,...
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    Re: The young Elon Musk


    So true, my thoughts exactly.

    I still agree with the sources that state he's part of a, let's say, certain blood line.
  10. Re: I need a healer... please suggest someone to help me has been a God send for me personally. There are prayers on there as well as information on prayer that has turned out results like I've never seen.
  11. Re: Presence of alien tech on Earth? Scientist wants to probe interstellar object 'lying in the Pacific Ocean'

    Totally agree, Musk's image has been carefully crafted for this whole push.
  12. Re: Welcome you to join Lifechanyuan (My Personal Invitation Email)

    I applauded Jena for - in my estimation at the time - trying to make the world a better place. I admit I skim read at times so may miss things so my intuition was guiding me with what I knew at the...
  13. Re: Welcome you to join Lifechanyuan (My Personal Invitation Email)

    How does someone become a celestial? I would argue that we are all celestial beings. Not always in word and deed but divine nonetheless. The more we embrace and know this the more we can change...
  14. Re: The God Paradox, explained by Sandi, NDExperiencer

    Pure gold.
  15. Re: Prayer for Shanghai and All those people who are suffering COVID-19

    You're amazing Xidaijena. Thank you for inspiring me today. :heart:
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    Help wanted: Prayers for China

    I'm being compelled to put out this call for heartfelt prayer and invitation for divine intervention in China for these latest atrocities. This virus is an interloper in our world, as such we have...
  17. Re: Post the Spiritual and Positive Films you like

    I recently saw Point Break for the first time, a 90's movie I think, with Keanu Reeves & Patrick Swayze. Well made movie, character struggles, spiritual awakenings a worthwhile film IMO

    The new...
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    Re: An Exhaustion setting in

    In a broad sense we're all here to bring light into the world, in whatever way(s) we choose. If you're pressing for answers keep on pressing I say. You have every God given right to not only ask...
  19. Re: Comedian Gilbert Gottfried has passed at 67

    Him and Norm Macdonald have some beauty clips on youtube. The one where they talk about Liberace is pure gold lol
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    Re: An Exhaustion setting in

    They're in the business of bringing us down. It brings themselves down at the same time.

    Only love will raise up the perpetrator and the victim. I'm seeing this love more every day. It keeps me...
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