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    Re: Algorithms of a higher order?

    That is wells said Gekko, “sharp but calm”. These experiences may just happen to “teach us” exactly that. Trusting one Self and inviting the help of others (cooperation) to “outsmart” the “system” is...
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    Re: Algorithms of a higher order?

    Hi Victoria! In my opinion, "time to move on "!
    Which I actually did a couple days ago!

    It's not the place where I need to be, and a project ("mission") is waiting.

    I'm not superstitious,...
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    Re: Algorithms of a higher order?

    To that last remark oz, no. I was just 20 meters away from my car ànd the parking meter.
    11 minutes is more than a few in my opinion.

    I don't know, but if you have to start paying fines (€ 40 is...
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    Algorithms of a higher order?

    Today a few very strange things happened, in a kind of concatenation that is more than obvious.

    Most of us are aware of the difference between “natural” synchronicities and “mechanical” ones. As...
  5. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Good comments and all very true and valid.

    A month ago I was on the "verge" of doing just that, I did find a place that was exactly as we talk about here. It could have accommodated many...
  6. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    It's in Tonga. Ha'Apai group of islands. Not so many people travel there.
    In 1990, just ten visitors a week.
  7. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Excellent ideas Ewan!

    But how about this place... in nature, at the seaside, paradise (still even now I think)... and just a bit less expensive.
    And yes, it IS for sale! Harder to travel there...
  8. Re: Personality changes in vaxxed people

    Tomorrow my father turns 93. Because he stays in a resting home, he had no choice in being vaccinated or not. Everyone there is, for as far as I know.
    It's hard to say how this has affected him....
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    Re: A bizarre writing experience!

    It could be a form of automatic writing, also called psychography.
  10. Re: World is Changing So Rapidly - David Icke

    On a side note (and making a bit fun of the translator), Ryan (hi Bill!:waving:) is mentioned at 4'20" and at 4'49" "serious" is involved too!
    Orion and Sirius of course. But it was kind of funny to...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    There is "UTOPIA" in depopulation.


    (referring to this thread: "Re: They already told us the plan.")
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    Re: They Already Told Us the Plan

    The original version (twice 6 episodes) is definitely the better one.

    I agree with Dorjezigzag saying "I only lasted a few episodes of the recent remake although I may persevere. The reason I did...
  13. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    "Bonjour de la Belgique, Philippe!"

    Thanks for the link

    It looks like a good affordable source for essential oils. I never heard about Ravintsara, definitely a good...
  14. Re: Vaccination Feedback - from PA Members & their families .....

    Like everyone else in the restinghome where he is, my father (92) got his second "shot" a few weeks ago.
    Now, he told me on the phone, that he has "trouble breathing".
    This can't be a coincidence I...
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    It's a bit like ghetto's & pogroms 2.0.
  16. Re: Was there (is there!?) an ancient global energy grid?

    Personally I do not know much about this, but about twenty years ago I came across a man who did know a lot about it. I do believe he died by now, or must be in his nineties (and intraceable).
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    Re: Trust

    Good subject!

    The way I always approached trust is in one of two ways.
    First, one can trust someone when that person has "earned" your trust, proven to be trustworthy.
    Or second, one can trust...
  18. Re: Presidents John Magufuli and Pierre Nkurunziza both dead. Covid murder?

    And you can add another, "number five", also in Africa, Congo (Brazzaville):

    Congo-Brazzaville: Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas dies from Covid on poll day

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    Re: Any Weird Dreams?

    Interesting dreams, yes. Unusual too. But I would not call them weird. For me, these are now fewer in number than they used to be. In some ways, I miss it!

    Maybe it is because all the EMF/RF...
  20. Re: What are you reading right now and how is it affecting you? (our own book club, maybe :))

    Mike, Viktor Frankl is a very good source indeed! Also his other books are worth reading.

    A little story about Logotherapy. About five years ago I was in Vienna (Austria) with a friend. I was very...
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