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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Recent release, I know it is probably already posted but it bears repeating
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    Re: Jordan Peterson Update

    What Jordan says concerning anonymous accounts is very true,I have always disagreed with this anonymity that social media promotes, as adults we should always be in the position of backing up what we...
  3. Re: Ivermectin - Why is it banned? - Senator Malcolm Roberts Destroys COVID Vaccine Narrative!

    This is the latest from Dr's Mike Yeadon, Malone, and others from a global meeting held in the Caribbean on the 21'st...
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    Re: The Psychology of Totalitarianism

    We are already seeing the blatant re-writing of history, as this appears in the great political satire: 1984 being deliberately presented to justify Carbon Taxation, and reductions in fossil fuel...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    Some people are stating that Masha is influencing people to be Pro-Russian, this is very disrespectful of the independent minds who contribute to this forum, if there is a largely pro-Russian...
  6. Re: Graham Hancock has a Netflix Series!! "Ancient Apocalypse"

    I have now watched 5 episodes, I can report Hancock delivers some acute, well researched analysis of ancient megalith sites and proposes we have amnesia, there was a global advanced civilisation in...
  7. Re: Graham Hancock has a Netflix Series!! "Ancient Apocalypse"

    Thank you for the information, I was just wondering what to watch next for my dinner-time viewing, I have watched 'Hannibal' and Breaking Bad several times, so Hancock is a welcome break from...
  8. Re: Normalising vaccine side-effects, as if it has always been like this

    To what extent do you feel their misinformation efforts are effective, do we think the Normies absorb all of these media releases claiming increasing early deaths, and malignant conditions are really...
  9. Re: The new town soap box is from your computer chair

    What you say is absolutely true Doug, whenever people would criticise the WWW or make claims that it is evil and pernicious I often pointed out that their simple choices to leave comments on news...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    Hands his Oscar over in recognition for Zelenky's acting prowess being the inane puppet for the failing NATO empire captains? We are witnessing absolute lies and deceptive stage-play, what do these...
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    Re: Elon Musk buys Twitter - at last

    'Imposing Free Speech on humanity' kind of says it all about these people, they actually regard open dialog and free speech as a threat.
  12. Re: "Climate Change" (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    Our climate is variable, turbulent and subject to change at all times: we know there are short-term and longer term cycles. We know this, it used to be accepted and understood, it is only in the...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    It has been very interesting to witness the gradual 'red pill' moments in Dr Joseph Campbell's posts - he is a nurse education professor, and he has established himself as being the 'voice of...
  14. Thread: Tik Tok

    by Mike Gorman

    Re: Tik Tok

    That is interesting, videos from 2010 eh?
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    Every misdemeanour you accuse Putin of is amplified and demonstrated 10 fold by NATO and the duplicitous Western leaders, I consider Putin's speeches to be actually almost naive in their clarity, he...
  16. Re: 10 Days of Darkness and televised 'truths' to the populace.

    This is what always confounds, and depresses me: we cannot depend on the 'public' - the notional mass of ordinary people, the 'normies' if you like! - on suddenly developing a refined critical...
  17. Re: CIA Document Literally Explains Time Travel (Practical Steps Included)

    I am currently reading an excellent book, written by a man who possesses incredible perspicacity and insight: Rupert Sheldrake, 'The Science Delusion' - here we discover a rigorous study of the...
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    Re: Time Traveler -- Video Proof?

    There are a lot of time wasters plying their trade, we know this, we are less credulous than the average punter we demand genuine evidence, honesty, this item is ridiculous, 'he still had access to...
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    Re: UFO Lake Gosford NSW Australia 1994

    Hello RRR! - I have been searching for the video and it looks as if it has been 'scrubbed' from Youtube, I know this video in particular caused quite a stir among the YouTube UFO community, it was...
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    Re: Unexplained dizziness

    If there is no vomiting then labyrinthitis is unlikely, vomiting ALWAYS occurs with Menuires type inner ear infections, I had an attack of this a few years back and it has left me with residual...
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