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  1. Re: Mike Gill @stateofcorrupt: FBI, senators, mob and more

    I tried the phone # listed there in the copied text, as of right now it's not a viable number. Don't know whether it's been that way a while, or happened very recently, just reporting the findings...
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    Re: Some are "Woke", but others are Truly Aware

    What they need to do is legally separate sex from gender. Make them two different things.

    Sex = your biological sex
    Gender = what you identify as

    i.e. for me it would be male/male.

    Add this...
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    Re: Coming soon................conspiracy corner

    Mod Hat On:


    Maybe next time when you have some valuable information to impart, just put it out there. When gathering a crowd, give them what they've been called to hear, don't keep...
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    Re: Forced or mandatory vaccination

    Not saying this didn't really happen, but all we have for evidence here is a story, and a still photograph of 3 people laying on the ground to go with the narrative.

    One of them is like 15 or 20...
  5. Re: Now The Double Vaccinated Are A Threat To The Triple Vaccinated

    I've seen said here that even someone publicly saying they are thus far unharmed by the vax should be held libel for something like negligent homicide, I'm looking on very curiously at reactions to...
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    Re: Predictions for 2021

    So here we are, I reckon it's late enough into 2021 to go ahead and see what the final tally was. I've only catalogued printed predictions, as it would have been extremely time consuming to go...
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    Re: Reversing the spell

    Well now that’s interesting. I wonder how one knows when they’ve successfully cleared their own psychosis?
  8. Re: Military recruitment videos for China, Russia... and the US

    I wouldn’t read too much into military commercials. Bottom line, which military still rules the seven seas, and has like 900 bases in 70 different countries?

    A major reason the general public here...
  9. Thread: Tulsi Gabbard

    by Gracy

    Re: Tulsi Gabbard

    Well here’s the thing John. If we’re going to give Tulsi a pass like that, then it’s only fair and objective to give all politicians that benefit of a doubt, otherwise it’s just conveniently turning...
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    Re: George Carlin : I miss him so much...

    Well he very well may, but like all good comedians, Carlin didn’t take sides or follow the herd from any angle of a given subject.

    My bet is that he’d be taking hilarious jabs at the extremes of...
  11. Re: Alec Baldwin Fired Prop Gun That Kills 1 on Set of 'Rust'

    The trigger has to be pulled, or kept pulled for the bullets to fly, no matter what. The guns in question are single action, meaning the hammer doesn't automatically retract again for subsequent...
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    Re: Some are "Woke", but others are Truly Aware

    Well, the gentleman (Jim Jordan) was certainly out of order in this instance, but they all like to have their moments grandstanding for the cameras so no harm, no foul there.

    What did catch my...
  13. Re: Go visit the veterans, care for them

    I understand exactly Malisa, and I applaud your culture for celebrating veterans while they're still alive!

    You know, I've long wondered why my culture waits until they die to honor and celebrate...
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    Re: Dear Phillippe Argillier

    Is Phillippe Argillier even still a thing? It was looking to me like he had gotten his 15 minutes, and was moving on to other things.
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    are you ****ing ****ting me? this happened recently??

    at this point, any parent that lets their kids around this "man" is suspect..... and it's ****ing sad that I feel like I have to say that, I'm...
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    Hey there Doug,

    Glad you're bringing this thread back on around to its original purpose. There's already plenty of other places here to throw rotten tomatoes at Biden and the dems, deservedly so;...
  17. Re: Go visit the veterans, care for them

    During the long haul years of watching over my gramma in her Assisted Living Facility, without even meaning to I wound up being in some very special relationships with quite a few people. Three of...
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    Re: Mainstream vs. Alternative

    These two on "Breaking Points" I've come to trust in their news and commentary, and that's not easy let me tell you LOL! He's on the right and used to be a White House reporter, she's on the left and...
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    Re: I hate people. Adults, that is.

    Like I said Doug, food for thought. Yes the idea was aimed at you my friend, because I feel your pain and desperation so deeply you'll never know.

    As the first line of this great tune goes: "This...
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    Re: I hate people. Adults, that is.

    A bit of a gear shift here. But from personal experience, I can vouch for everything this guest has to say in a short 14 minutes. If used properly, psychedelics can truly aid one in experiencing...
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