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  1. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    Here's an interesting 'prophetic vision' you might say, quite startling in its clarity.

    I discovered this in an interesting article on a related topic the other day, concerning a table-top RPG...
  2. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. This is quite a difficult concept to coherently resolve!

    First and foremost, I want to emphasize that diversity, on the one hand, is certainly a most...
  3. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    Some of the counter-points argued above I do not disagree with. I am certain that humanity, if left to mingle freely amongst itself, undisturbed and unmolested by the control matrix of social...
  4. Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    The mantra at the forefront of Identity Politics says that Diversity is Strength. It isn't. We are naturally diverse as individuals, and that's a good thing, a necessary evolutionary thing. It...
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