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  1. Re: A call to all telepaths regarding contact - an invitation

    I do BQH hypnosis sessions and often when clients connect with beings from other galactic locations and or dimensions they communicate telepathically. It can often take the client a minute to figure...
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    Re: Can some one set me straight please?

    If it helps at all.. I remember 30 years ago the shock I felt when while working in a bakery a woman said to her daughter "Give the lady the money". I was 18 and to me a lady was someone like the...
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    Re: Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit

    Here is the info from the guide i created to help people begin shadow work.(full free PDF with exercises here:


    Growing up in...
  4. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    Thank you for your wonderful reply! To me the beauty of shadow work is that it ticks all those boxes. Though obviously translation would be required. healing all the disowned and rejected self...
  5. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    Thank you for your thoughts. :flower:

    I don't know which "we" you are referring to, whether it is the collective whole or the folks at Avalon so I will represent myself and respond by saying that...
  6. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    As I mentioned in my first post...there probably is an agenda. But we would would not be wise to make our decisions in regards to how we should act by choosing to act in direct opposition to...
  7. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    Id love to hear from other parents who are actually seeing the results of this threat and not just expressing the fear of it. Maybe in America young boys are being manipulated by this trend. But I...
  8. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    As the mother of a 12 year old boy I can say that I see the tough guy influence as a much more concerning cultual threat. My son and his friends show zero desire to dress or act like women....
  9. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    To me this is an area that needs to be navigated very carefully. On the one hand there is likely an agenda to disempower and neuter masculinity and the rugged beauty and strength that comes with...
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    Re: The Big Letdown

    I was just talking about this. For as long as there has been alternative community there have been voices promising a big reveal... any minute now. Inditements, thumbdrives of evidence, irrefutable...
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    Re: A strange flash in the sky

    Wow I saw something very similar last night in Australia. The first light was almost like a spot light in the sky just for a few seconds. Then a few minutes later a light, more like a streak, ...
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    Re: Salt vs. Sugar, what do you crave??

    I'm sweet...but I don't have cane sugar at all. I make my own chocolate which I sweeten with dates. I also make coconut based icecream also sweetened with dates. I also have a bit of local honey in...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Thanks for sharing Paula. Alison does similar work to me. I also have had similar messages come through in sessions. One client while in the expanded state described an upcoming collective dark...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Its a little after October but not by much. Says it won't likely have a big impact... but it is 2020... so who knows!

    Edit ... sorry about that!
    I couldn't find yhe original article... but here...
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    Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    In a recent BQH hypnosis session my client saw that he held the male warrior archetype at his core. In the expanded state he could see how this affected his reality. He said it was like a filter that...
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    Re: Shadow Work -a simple guide

    Embrace to erase could refer to releasing the uncomfortable feelings around something...which is the charge. When we embrace we erase the uncomfortable feeling attached to the quality we are...
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    Shadow Work -a simple guide

    I so often see confusion and misunderstanding around shadow work. E.g. someone saying "why would I want to do shadow work. I don't want to bring more bad qualities to my personality?" Initially...
  18. Re: The audacity and psyop that is Mike Adams

    My filter for assessing quality of "leadership" ie... should I follow?... is Does it promote an us and them mentality? If the answer is yes, then i know it is ultimately not a high frequency source. ...
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    Re: The Mandela Effect: What does it mean??

    I wrote a children's story back in the 90s based on the lion and lamb laying together. Thalan the Lion hated Sariah the lamb...and Sariah was terrified of the lion. But in the end they find peace...
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    Letting Go of Our Stories

    Hi I just want to share a message that has been coming through very clearly lately. I would like to hear others' experiences, thoughts, feelings etc in relation to this. :heart:

    Letting Go of Our...
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