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    Re: Linux: an alternative to Windows 10

    Linux has been a good alternative to windows for a very long time.
  2. Re: What is socialism? (your opinion, not the dictionary definition)
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    Re: When does the Soul leave your body?

    There is no soul, as in how you describe it.
  4. Re: New sky map reveals hundreds of thousands of new galaxies

    I'm sure we can. :)[/QUOTE]

    Not us humans, and not at the moment. I think the drone we sent for aliens has just got out of the solar system.
  5. Re: A very realistic 'Giant Skeleton' in Thailand (an art exhibit)

    Why is it not legit?
  6. Re: China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System (it's already here)

    A lot of awful stories about china. But before you criticize them, think about that the western civilizations are doing this behind your back. China is just being honest.
  7. Re: Aggression Enhancing Drugs Tainting My Food Items

    You posted this on my subreddit too, hello there. :D
  8. Re: Self-help audio programs for Targeted Individuals

    I find positive affirmations very useful.
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.

    A lot of people get enlightenment wrong. Some say they reached enlightened, yet they have a very narrow way at looking at the world, and nobody can tell them otherwise.
    They should be able to grasp...
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    Re: Stop 5G before it's irreversible!

    It would be nice if the more people shouted, stuff would change.
    But I think they will will go ahead with it no matter what people say.
  11. Re: New sky map reveals hundreds of thousands of new galaxies

    What is the point if we cannot escape our solar system?
  12. Re: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars

    How can a few companies can hold so much power...
  13. Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    Meh, life is not that special. And humanity? Let it burn.
  14. Re: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    Delgado did an experiment with a bull. They experimented on monekys in MK Ultra too. Even on humans.
  15. Re: 'This is about saving capitalism': the Dutch historian who savaged Davos elite

    Why would anyone want to save capitalism? It's awful.
  16. Re: The real purpose of life is to love- messengers of love such as archangels

    Love is just a more complex thought. Why favour a thought over another. Some might say the real purpose of life is to hate, what is the difference?
  17. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    "There was certainly a historical Jesus."

    A bunch of books that are coming from a dodgy sources are no proof that something happened with certainty.
    Those stories could be massicely...
  18. Re: Let's talk about vitamins and minerals and supplements, starting from scratch

    Why does the body not absorb minerals from water?
  19. Re: Self-help audio programs for Targeted Individuals

    Positive affirmations are a good way to go too.
    Check it out here:
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    Re: Reminder : Full moon coming up.......

    There is a full moon every month...
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