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  1. Re: Who is your favorite source of reliable information in Ufology?

    Native American shaman that I know personally and trust
    ET's I have met personally
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    Re: Insane Excuse For Gutting the E.P.A.

    I worked for the government (IHS) for years. Anytime someone made a mistake they would say "Close enough for government work" My interpretation of what they are expressing is: This government is so...
  3. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    When I was 5 years old my uncle called on Christmas eve to tell us the good people of Fargo, ND had just burned their house down because the were native. They moved back to the Northern Cheyenne...
  4. Re: Esoteric Astrologer: Phillip Lindsay

    Kirolak Just the information I was looking for (intending). I was struggling with these issues and this is a source of great perspective. Thank you
  5. Re: then, what should each of us do?

    All of these interesting posts indicate to me that we are all having a "change in consciousness" which manifests just a little bit different in everyone.
    For many of us when we start seeing "the big...
  6. Re: then, what should each of us do?

    If you are playing high stakes poker and you come to realize the game is rigged, what do you do? The only sane thing to do is walk away from playing the game. You can't change the game while...
  7. Re: Some Parts of Body Stay 'Alive' After Death

    Native Americans I have lived with (Tlingit/Haida) believe it takes 3 days for a spirit to completely leave the body and therefore do not embalm their loved ones nor bury them for 3 days. They lie...
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    Re: The great wall

    I went to East Berlin when the wall was still up (1967) and the Russians were shooting people hanging underneath the train at every stop who were trying to get to West Berlin. How did that wall work...
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    Re: Dutchsinse EQ warnings

    I've been following Dutch for about a year. He does not exactly predict earthquakes per se, but has figured out some "simple" rules about how earthquakes propagate, the directions the propagation...
  10. Re: Excessive high potency Pot use can create perpetual nausea and vomiting

    A plant heals not just by it's chemical components, but by it's essence or energy. How a plant is grown (it's physical and spiritual surroundings) and how it is harvested also effect the intended...
  11. Re: Excessive high potency Pot use can create perpetual nausea and vomiting

    The problem is not the plant. The problem is the genetic manipulation of a beneficial plant and the "regulated" growing of the plant (meaning you can't really trust what other harmful agents have...
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    NYT reminds me of the Charlie Brown cartoon. Every fall Lucy convinces Charlie she will hold the football while he kicks it. Every year she removes the football at the last second.
  13. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    This was reported on @ 1:22pm EST on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. Report is entitled "Western North Dakota Crude pipeline shut down after spill." This...
  14. Re: Has anyone ever used sage for smudging?

    I am very fond of palo santo also. I was taught that it is the oldest incense in the world, used by shaman for many thousands of years. It is harvested from trees that have been dead for a minimum...
  15. Re: Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Achieve Global Vaccination Agenda

    Stop the nurse! She's injecting the poison in the wrong place. Needs to go up higher, just under the left ear where you can see that pulsing. Trust me. I'm a doctor.
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    Poll: Re: Who did you vote for

    I voted for neither the Jesuit cable faction nor the criminally insane mentally unstable cable faction. Voting gives your support to the corrupt system.
  17. Re: Christian persecution around the world

    to Ghostrider Re: Reincarnation I really thought I was onto something when I first learned about reincarnation. Then I realized if everything is happening simultaneously there is no past or...
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    Re: The Evil Empire is being destroyed

    Mutiny seems to be the best way to go. Don't vote, don't pay your taxes, change your lifestyle to using cash instead of credit cards, etc. But this only works if a significant number of us does...
  19. Re: Americans Preparing For Strong Possibility Of Violence On Election Day

    I keep hoping people will not vote, when both "candidates" are part of the cabel, the voting machines have a known fraudulent program and the criminals are hoping for an excuse to initiate Marshall...
  20. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 24 October, 2016 - Mass arrests and extrajudicial killings going on as part of cabal takedown

    I have no confidence that the foreign born illegal obama president of corporate america who is wholly a servant of the cable will do anything but spread the bull****. Obama is about as much of a...
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