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    Re: Water Thread - Wells

    Same with our well, palehorse. It was deep and wide enough for one person. I marvel at how they could build it so deep and reinforce the wall with stone like the walls you see in New England.

  2. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    Another nice video I came across today, Kris Harbour took around 5 years to build his place, you can watch the details in his video (23:49) here:

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    Re: Is LaMDA really sentient?

    Where is the GHOST in the machine?

    Until anyone can prove the existence, sentient is my arse!!!

    Computers are: inputs => processing => outputs

    See how the market in flooded with these 2 ...
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    Re: Water Thread - Wells

    It brings me very nice memories, we also had a hand dug well, my grandfather also had one in his home in the city, both was large ones, around 1.5m in diameter with bricks on wall, a rope and a...
  5. Re: Being nice all the time is not being spiritual, or wise


    perfect, exactly how it happens to me, that's one way to make them drop their mask pretty quickly.. one time a woman became quite aggressive over me, since she was a multi-level marketing...
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    Re: Water Thread - Wells

    Hi @Claar, we don't have either except for the seasonal stream but it is not providing as before, that's the whole point I created this thread, to somehow put it all in one place, experiences in find...
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    Re: Water Thread - Wells

    I am not sure, but the Mr. in the video he is using coat hangers as dowsing rods haha
    he also used the drinking straws to hold the dowsing rods..

    Thanks Brigantia for the video, it is very...
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    Water Thread - Wells

    I could not find any specific thread about water wells, except for posts, and they are spread around. Since water is one of if not the most important resource to sustain all sort of life in the...
  9. Re: Manufactured Food Shortages (Eradication of Our Food Supply)

    I saw myself quite a few times dead animals like pigs, dogs, horses, goats, cows, etc.. they really get stuffed like that (in the video), a day or so due to accumulation of gases inside (if hot...
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    Poll: Re: Do you believe in God ?

    as Gurdjieff put

    "the way of the fakir as well as the way of the monk and the way of the yogi, have one thing in common. They all begin with the most difficult thing, with a complete change of...
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    Re: Wild plants which are beneficial.

    Absolutely Ewan - that can never be stressed enough. Foraging groups and courses can be found around the UK (and probably in other parts of the world) for anyone who may be uncertain or who doesn't...
  12. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    quite true, I did an experiment with that a few years ago with basil plants, they were huge! :bigsmile: also CO2 applied in certain amount (i think up to 1500ppm) for example in a greenhouse will...
  13. Re: DECENTRALIZATION ↔︎ CENTRALIZATION & other possibilities for our future

    Not necessarily, we can operate in low tech and almost no tech at all, for example the wheel of mesopotamia (4K or 5K B.C. ??) is a technology and how many thing we can do with a wheel? just think,...
  14. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    Thanks @Peace in Oz for the last two posts, appreciated that.
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    Re: 10 of Bill's best interviews

    I love this video

  16. Re: Turmeric (Curcumin) | New Research Is Game Changing!

    I've been using it for a long time, for my sinus problems, it works that's all I can say, in my case I use to control the inflammatory process that happen in the sinus, but it is great for many other...
  17. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    Thanks Ewan, it makes total sense to post it here, I started watching now.

    Taking the opportunity, I would like to share another good resources:

    There is another guy, he has a channel on...
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    Re: How to write in Sumerian Pictographs

    Thanks Jim for the really great thread. I would love to read your book, it is amazing it will be available here on Avalon. I am looking forward.
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    Re: Captcha Abuse

    google is clamping down in everything that allows free speech, anonymity, privacy and so on.. they are a crooked up company, we all know that, but let's get to the solution and mitigations we already...
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    Re: What's about to happen

    The warning in the video is nothing new for Avalonians, the thing is: you better be prepared for whatever is coming, because there is always something coming.

    Stock and rotate and keep going like...
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