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  1. Poll: Re: How should members most helpfully share videos?

    Often, I want to thank a post for a comment or other reason but won't because a video has been embedded and I have no time to watch it. I feel like I cannot thank a post unless I watch the video.
  2. Re: Hurricane Ian Hitting Florida 300K+ Ordered To Evacuate 'Get Out Right Now'

    Ya. While 1.5 million without power. People's homes floating away with them clinging to the toofs...
  3. Re: The Higher Self and transcendent experience, including OBEs

    This is my most recent interchange with those 'higher forces'.

    Rest easy, little Ernie, and listen. Hear with your heart, the words we will speak.
    Life is a river, and it flows through your...
  4. Re: Synthetic Embryo With a Beating Heart and a Brain

    If one accepts certain translations, the Sumerian tablets tell the story of genetic manipulation on a scale that dwarfs modern efforts.
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    On internet censorship as it applies to the common user:

    My recent visits page is blank, showing only one item...a two minute review of the Globe and Mail site, here in Canada - hoping at least...
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    Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    The attack on mothrrhood and the family unit was begun long ago.

    It can be argued it began during the world wars when women had to build the weapons at home the men needed at the front.

  7. Re: The marketing ('nudging') of beliefs and attitudes: how we're all controlled

    The obvious is what is being done in recent times.

    Bernays was only the 'modern' inventor of psychological entrainment.

    Governments, dictators, and potentates have been doing this for...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    That would make me an enabler to my wife's psychosomatic delusion.

    I'll be sure to bring that up with her many doctors who seem to think otherwise.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Re: Simulated Reality = Binary Code = Dichotomy = Bi-Polar Disorder = Digital Consciousness

    I've had dealings with Metatron, or at least I like to think I have.

    He quickly escalated the meetings into rhetoric and dogma.

    I don't program well, so I use him only when needs be. The rest...
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    Re: Astronomy - the science of the very big

    Hannes Alfven was mentioned in the video above.

    Through what I can only call serendipity, I ran across one of this man's books at a garage sale. His ideas, together with his impressive pedigree,...
  11. Re: Do The Anunnaki Walk Among Us? Michael Lee Hill, Alien Hybrids, Retroviruses, ET Gene Manipulation

    For what it's worth: In recent times I am drawn to visualize the Eye of Horus when I begin my meditations, pouring it's essence, tears, onto my highest mind...above my crown chakra.
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    What I did not mention, is that before I was injured in such an intractable manner that would sidetrack my normal day and my mind's stated purpose for that day.

    I was in a mental trance,...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Sitting in clinic waiting to see doctor. I have a metal sliver that won' t come out.
    Many before me.
    Tried doing my own surgery so I can go back to work. But my co-worker, girlfriend and...
  14. Re: Do you cook with teflon/what do you use?

    I invested in a set of stainless cookware years ago during one of Sears' yearly half-price sales. (does Sears even exist still?)

    But I also have a small teflon pan for my eggies...don't change it...
  15. Re: Can Corporatism and Nationalism co-exist?

    Corporatism is a dictatorial top-down economic design that very much resembles China's ideology in terms of national leadership.

    This is the reason that corporations and China are in collusion to...
  16. Re: Harnessing kinetic energy of rotating mass.

    The Casimir effect is a good example of the precision required to coax an influx of electrons out of the vacuum.

    The plates would have to be very close together, perhaps to tolerances of a...
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    Re: FBI agents raid Trump's Florida home

    And so we keep holding our breath, hoping now people will see the dire straits we are in...
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    Poll: Re: Do you believe in God ?

    God is not a concept. God is not an idea.

    God is not merely the quintessential and ultimate gestalt of gestalts. God is non-local, non-temporal, non-spatial, non-imaginable.

    God is All There Is...
  19. Re: What is the meaning of our life and what we can do for better Mother Earth?

    The meaning of life is to die to the idea of life on this planet being a privelidge, right of passage, or any other meaningful description.

    Life is death on this plane of existence.

    For what is...
  20. Re: Conspiracy Theory playing cards/trumps

    The 'racism' card.

    If you're white you loose a turn. Any other color, burn down one square on the board...

    Second card: 'systemic racism'. Reverse of first card...except unburn one square.
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