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  1. Re: It really is kicking off in Israel and Palestine...

    Chief rabbi calls for peace and calm

    Peace as it goes ...

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    Well it just seems from today’s news that Hamaz was shelling Tel Avive about the same time I mentioned Golan heights

    and killed some innocent people as usually

    HOW can there be a fight and...
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    Re: Imminent Disclosure Finally?

    I was looking up ET Contact in Kalmykia ( the explanation may be found in the video bellow)

    and happened upon this new YouTube...
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    Well, you never know ..


    Every family has its Gods and Goddesses.

    Vedas covered the topic in 4 mahavakyas.
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    The melmagazine seems to have good take on the story:

    Story solved

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    Can’t state anything here as I’m not familiar either with the man or the group but I watched documentary about them some years ago someone posted on the...
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    Hello Billy.

    As I’m looking to these numbers for last two weeks now, I almost forgot we had Kumbha Mela this year, in Haridwar.

    It’s a giant event. Millions of people take a holy dip or bath...
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    FYI 4000 is 1% of 400,000, not 10%.[/QUOTE]

    Thought so, thanks, I am more careful with reading “all the news” now.

    Mental hygiene is as important as physical hygiene.

    It’s important to keep...
  9. Re: The AltRight is NOT the whole of the Alternative Community

    Between the alt-right and alt-left what do we share is a language of meaning, I believe.

    The ultra- alt-right scholars of any pseudoscience can turn linguistically the most rich and productive as...
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    The BBC undercover report:

    India’s Covid crisis: rural hospitals unable to cope

    Clearly the situation is worse in some of the vast rural areas and states of India running low on medical...
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    Re: The Painter Doug's daytime UFO pics

    Could you add dates and approximate locations of sightings, for reference , chronologically as they happened ?

    Sometimes, people see similar things on the same dates around the globe. Consider...
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    This all is also ‘true’...

    Have India super rich done enough to help in the country’s fight against Covid 19

    8 lions tested positive for Covid 19 in Hyderabad ZOO

    If you put only two words...
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    Sorry Viking, this is 54 second video filmed in the street someone anonymous posted with generalised statement about “how bad things are”.

    It’s not a riddle or objective statement besides that...
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    Yes high pollution levels and resulting number of chronic respiratory syndromes in city areas is high but people in India -especially manual workers- often go untreated for years.
    It’s humanly ,...
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    Re: A Dystopian Future? Richard Dolan's view

    Interesting, thanks for sharing the video 🙏

    I would prefer to take hand of any of our sister civilisations before this “Human the Master of Galaxy” scenario at anytime.

    It’s gross and it will...
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    Well, we are receiving some initial international help with Grace 🙏

    Sweden is sending million doses of Astra-Zeneca vaccine,
    priceless as we are currently short of vaccines.
    The UK, US, China...
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    Re: The face mask discussion

    I would not worry about silver and copper threads in your face mask.

    Silver and copper both have antimicrobial properties.

    Silver oxide and silver nitrate are commonly used in treatment of...
  18. Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0, April 25, 2021 1p-6p Pacific Time (Phoenix)

    I’m an Old Timer you see , iReport 😅

    My ET contact may look somewhat like this these days:

    “So where are you taking all the thousands of people who died in Delhi last night?”

    “Don’t worry,...
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    Re: Communism (and China)

    I feel there is a time when every human society and long surviving culture or say, whole genomic clusters of people start searching for their roots and their spiritual selves.

    European cultures...
  20. Re: On the Nature of Betrayal and How to Deal With It

    I won’t be long :)
    Thus we practice “betrayal”.

    But I’m free and that’s a practice of containment.

    What I’ve learned in life from those few serious instances of human betrayal that sometimes...
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