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  1. Re: January 6, 2021 Washington DC incident

    the capitol building was blown up by a bomb in the 80's... And a bunch of tourists walking around is now an "incident" ? Yeah.... Lol strange times...
  2. Re: Covid-19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

    Well now that information is considered to be 'weaponized' the 2nd amendment comes to mind. Citizens in the USA are supposed to be equally 'armed'
    to prevent tyranny from the government. So,...
  3. Re: Covid-19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

    It is my opinion that it will never happen.. Not entirely... Every drone, every intelligence gathering vehicle, and the like, will be omitted.. As it should be... You wouldn't want to give your...
  4. Re: Corey Goode Sued By Ex-Lawyer and Business Partner

    I just want to say, PLEASE stop suggesting that the public have chosen Corey Goode as their "LEADER" of light and disclosure, it is not true.. And while it may be the case for the few... It does not...
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    Re: Galactic federation

    I believe we would be foolish to be;lieve we are alone, that we have the tip of the spear, when it comes to technology, and I believe that there are probably many different organizations/federations...
  6. Sticky: Re: IMPORTANT: the Password Auto-reset is broken, and also the Contact Us link

    Yes Thank You to everyone who helped me to be able to log in again. Much appreciated...
  7. Sticky: Re: IMPORTANT: the Password Auto-reset is broken, and also the Contact Us link

    Hi Denise, if you are using Chrome or Firefox you can always read the saved password, it is registered in the settings > Auto-fill > Passwords then you will be able to login in your phone. :)[/QUOTE]...
  8. Sticky: Re: IMPORTANT: the Password Auto-reset is broken, and also the Contact Us link

    I have not been able to log in on my profile on my phone, because I did forget my password.. I have auto log in on my laptop... So I do need to reset my password... (So I can log in when I am not...
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    You are the BEST! Thank You!

    And Lunesoleil Thank You! I LOVE mousse, and made it one time, and someone "Borrowed" the book I had with the recipe..

    I hate trying new recipes that are just...
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    chocolate mousse, I need to learn to make it! It is one of my favorite desserts, do any of you wonderful cooks know how and wish to guide me? HAHAHA
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    I have to say I am NOT the cook in the family. But, the cook went down a few weeks back, and in the spirit of self preservation, I felt I better keep the chef alive long enough to recover so he could...
  12. Re: Flashing object, changing colour in UK skies Oct/Nov?

    Yes, they were perfectly round orange glowing globes, with those same colored light chasing around the center of each globe.. The colors were more like led colors, very different than the traditional...
  13. Re: Where do you get your information about world events?

    I have always had a different view when it came to Journalism, "Reporters", news shows and such. When I was in school, we did a few things that quite surprised me. The first being, we were put into...
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    Re: The Remote Viewing Data Dump

    I wasn't sure I believed in remote viewing, until I tried it.. Almost as if in some synchronicity, I received a message and was prompted to give that message to John Vivanco. I of course thought it...
  15. Re: The Matrix. Are we in one? If so, how do we get out

    You made me laugh because I once conversed with a friend about fish and abductions... The one fish being "Caught" and released, going back to tell their friends of their experience...

    The fish,...
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    Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits to come

    I also received 6 ballots for three people, BUT they were not all for the election this week... three were for the primary's as mail in ballots we never filled out, with the other three for the...
  17. Re: Melinda Gates Admits They Need Moral Guidance

    It's my opinion they need far more than just a moral compass...
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    Re: Spoonbending (how to!)

    I have never really tried in earnest to bend a spoon, but one day my husband and I were changing the brakes on his truck... He had a difficult time doing the right side and it was my turn to do the...
  19. Re: Elon Musk Declares INDEPENDENCE, SpaceX Says Mars Colony WILL NOT Follow Earth's Laws

    Thank you for broaching this subject!

    I have my own opinions about Elon, and will keep those to myself, aside from saying he truly is trying to be helpful, and especially in the way of making sure...
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    Re: Strange Dreams

    I held back on replying about what the dream "Means"..

    I sometimes think they're not telling us something in some "coded version of events"... that are nothing like what we normally experience......
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