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  1. Re: Darrell Castle 2016 Constitution Party Candidate

    I hope to see Darrell Castle more at the very least online, he seems like a very interesting candidate and probably in comparison to Trump isn't just telling people what they want to hear.

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    Thanks T.S.A

    In short the TSA has zero common sense and managed to assault a disabled teen girl.
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    Re: Exit America

    [QUOTE=ozmirage;1078873][QUOTE=bluekungfoo;1078821][QUOTE=ozmirage;1078375]SECESSION NEVER

    Thanks for the links ozmirage, I was just confused in the beginning as I did not really...
  4. Re: Would like opinions re 9/11 and approach to all other related events

    are there any other documentaries on possibilities of why the Twin Towers were brought down ?

    also It seems that it would take time to place explosives on the proper points of the towers to have...
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    Re: Chinese Stealth Fighters, FOR SALE

    so now the Chinese are making knock off stealth fighter planes ? bad enough they make knock off electronics.

    Even if China did manage to reverse engineer the wreckage of a US stealth plane, I...
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    Re: Exit America

    So are you suggesting it is better to stay with a broken and corrupt Federal government and presidency with the same broken and corrupt administration than to take any risk what so ever because other...
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    Exit America

    After Brittan's exit , the notion of States seceding from the Union , pop up from time to time, the only state that could come close to doing so is Texas but at what cost.

    The subject does require...
  8. Re: Andrews Joint Air Force Base Lockdown: Reports of shooter

    the only ones who are really believing any of this any more are the ones who stage the event in the first place. The rest of the information becomes fodder for the media outlets. and the rest of us...
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    Re: Homesteading/ getting started / costs

    well just an update on what I found, on the term homesteading, most still know it as wild land that one can set up on an claim as theirs, that term now means a completely different thing in terms of...
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    Homesteading/ getting started / costs

    So my dream is to one day get out of Florida and make a permanent move to Alaska.

    An to become a homesteader , the question I have is, how does a person get started ?

    Finding appropriate land...
  11. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub and the James Wesley Howell's case

    Well said Carmody,
    Until behind curtain players are exposed, no matter we discussed individual events.

    Puppet masters have their hands in both baskets. Manipulation will continue from both...
  12. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub and the James Wesley Howell's case

    {peterpam post}

    This I find completely plausible considering the fiasco of the recent Fast an Furious, the supposed operation to run tagged guns into Mexico to then find out what criminal...
  13. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub and the James Wesley Howell's case

    Utter Failure by the F.B.I as indicated by this article, the Author, titled this, Lone Wolf Attacks...
  14. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub and the James Wesley Howell's case

    So this is eerie for me being a FL native and living in the panhandle,

    but what truly aggravates me is the following, The Patriot Act ( defined for...
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    Star Trek / End of money for society

    I have either seen or read about the concept that Star Trek has in regards to a no money society...

    An it was something to it wasn't needed any more not because the government was paying for...
  16. Re: Rothschilds: Evil that only A Mother Viper could Love

    so my question is, with dynasties such as the Rothchilds, and the unknowns out there; are there similar groups out in the world, that are trying to undermine, or cripple these corrupt families /...
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    Re: Noob UFO / E.T questions

    Thanks for informing me about the Greada Treaty, found that very interesting and had no clue about Eisenhower ever even being near the UFO discussion ever!

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    I remember as a...
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    Re: Noob UFO / E.T questions

    My recommendation would be to start with the work of Dr David Jacobs. At present, he probably knows more about abductions (outside the military/intel community!) than anyone else alive.

    And with...
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    Re: Push To Implement Basic Income For All

    I am seeing things as needing to be two fold instead of just entirely focusing on basic income; if the income Is there, but the hours to work a job are not, then I would think, one would still not be...
  20. Re: Islamophobia: Why Are So Many, So Frightened

    This one Muslim man who is now in a small seat of power in London,

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