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  1. Re: Possible side effects from the Covid vaccine

    13 Israelis suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid jab, amid influx of reports detailing adverse effects
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...
  3. Re: Special SAS unit has been trained to respond to an alien invasion of Earth

    Clock ticks towards release of UFO report as emergency relief bill forces US intelligence agencies to reveal knowledge
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    this is a paper on a study of around 10m people in Wuhan.
    from what I gather, asymptomatic positives are not infectious...

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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated
    rt live feed
  6. Re: Possible side effects from the Covid vaccine

    Health authorities in Portugal are investigating the sudden death of a pediatric surgery assistant in Porto, who was...
  7. Re: Possible side effects from the Covid vaccine

    well, this sheds light on what's coming.
    there will be millions of extremely vulnerable vaxxed people who's health will depend forever on lock downs, social distancing and masks.
    here is the...
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    Re: We're Being Led into a Trap

    thanks Maia for posting this, its excellent. I shall look out for more of her work.
    She even refers to them as a different species and the idea that we are being farmed. I think that is very much...
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    Re: Object shows illuminated open area

    the main shape is very much that of a quad copter.
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    Re: Human Design System, by Ra Uru Hu

    Human Design is the most amazing system, I have spent much time last year studying it. I am a 6/4 Projector. it has been very beneficial following my authority and strategy.
    there are many fb...
  11. Re: Possible side effects from the Covid vaccine

    Vaccination suspended in Bavaria after glitch in cold chain prompts concerns over Pfizer vaccine batch going off
  12. Re: Moon landing cut scenes - filmed in Nevada desert

    entertaining watch,
    even if Apollo made it to the moon back then, they would have produced a bunch of backup footage to show if it went wrong.
    this may be that kind of footage.
  13. Re: Large Red UFO-UAP Crossing The Moon - 20 December 2020 - 4:52pm

    awesome footage,
    it must be keeping really close to the moons surface to cast that continuous shadow.
    it even looks like it causes some dust to come up just as it leaves the moon to the right.
  14. Re: Possible side effects from the Covid vaccine

    3.47 min vid by Vernon Coleman

    2.7% **unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work,...
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    Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    they dont all have MRC-5 in it..

    from article:
    Vaccine makers using either...
  16. Re: Covid19: Don't trust the statistics (or the science re the tests/the cause of the sickness)

    powerful article, very much what David Icke said way back when it all started.
    question is, what is that illness if not covid 19 ?
  17. Re: "The Shift" Conversation with Jacqueline Hobbs (Oracle Girl)

    you can sign up for tonights event and get the link. then watch it later at a convenient time, it will still work.
    its the big one... :blackwidow:
    her work on this planet is a game changer. I have...
  18. Re: "The Shift" Conversation with Jacqueline Hobbs (Oracle Girl)

    You canít go wrong. This week the negative future timeline closed and what is seeking to take over is being forced into its proper place. Of course whatís behind this colossal stunt will not go down...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'
    a great conversation the ongoing roll out of the reset with Fiona Marie Flanagan.
  20. Sticky: Re: IMPORTANT: the Password Auto-reset is broken, and also the Contact Us link

    thank you Bill, I am back in...:clapping:
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