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  1. Re: "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Discussion thread

    Very strange place (places!)
    I found the probe drop episode very interesting.
    They found their GPS was being disrupted and putting the chopper in the wrong area.
    Then the probes where being pushed...
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    Re: NASA Mars photo with a doorway?

    If that's a real mars image, well say no more!
  3. Re: Where does one go after death? The Buddhist view from GDD-777, Master Sheng-Yen

    This is my understanding.
    I watched the posted vid and think that is for the low unawake human minded people, very basic.
    (to help people stay on the straight and narrow good path).

    We/you/I are...
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    Re: A close encounter

    Thanks ian33, we have these moments of clarity in life, they feel good don't they, feeling stunned but soothing at same time, wonderous :)
  5. Re: Jordan Maxwell has passed March 23, 2022

    Bill, just wondering if you located the raw footage for this interview and when the world can expect to see it???[/QUOTE]

    Yes very interested in seeing that interview :sun:
  6. Re: Кабардинка в Москве

    The very fit and dynamic end of the scale.
    Vibrant people.
  7. Re: Кабардинка в Москве

    Thank you Mashika.
    I often watch these perfumers, they seem quite alien and refreshing.
    Delicate in their combined movement but very powerful/strong.

    I also love the music which is quite...
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    Re: What is Time?

    For me time is a developed reference point for our material being, like a index for us to fit into.
    If you do lots of medative being time has no being.

    For us it is a limiting jailer that stops...
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    Re: Alabama Sighting

    I wish someone would capture a vid of ufo/ufo's like I have seen in my days, there would be no debate.
    I Can't get into dots drifting across the sky, unless some start playing around and doing...
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    Re: Alabama Sighting

    Looks like yes

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Too fast, surely?[/QUOTE]

    Maybe yes? if they UFO's they not in a big rush to hide at all !
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    Re: Barefoot Running

    hi waxamillionpehhgasus
    In this guys vids he has one about the proper way to walk barefoot :)
    The Barefoot Sensei Mick Dodge...
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    Re: All kinds of Avalon

    Just had to add a bit of music :)
    Avalon (Roxy Music song)
  13. Re: How did cockroaches survive the dino-killing asteroid strike?

    The BIGgger the creature the harder it is to survive such an event.
    Roaches don't mind dark dank conditions like the ones created, the sun was blocked out by dust and smoke and Just think how much...
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    Re: John Lear has Passed March 29, 2022

    Happy journey John and thank you for helping many get out side the box :moon:
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    Re: The "Magic Trip" movie by Ken Kesey

    Great OP mojo. much needed at the mo :)

    I was there but in more recent times 0yO

    What great bus to have in your garage

    And thank you running dear for the working link.
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    Re: Respond with a song lyric, a one liner

    As the maples scream "Oppression"
    And the oaks just shake their heads

    Rush "the trees"
  17. Re: Project Looking Glass reloaded: Can we save the world?

    Ill bump that and some :bump:

    Love you all :sun:
  18. Re: A hospital experience (Just in case--a heads up...)

    So how are you now East Sun ?

    and what else have you done for your problem ?
  19. Re: Just a desert sand in the rain, or something more?

    Yes the rain contains various amount of magnetic material, of course it dose.
    But we should keep an eye on it's quality and content's and not just take it for granted.
    Like how radio active it...
  20. Re: Just a desert sand in the rain, or something more?

    I’m guessing neither natural nor ‘chemtrails’, but fake. Who goes around testing dust with a magnet?[/QUOTE]

    Anyone concerned and who is investigating the dust would, anyone who wants to see if...
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