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    Re: Ham radio information needed

    Great to know that this is the history of Avalon Forum.
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    Re: Earth People Government

    Queen Elizabeth II is the world's major feudal landowner; she is Queen of 32 nations, the leader of a Commonwealth of 54 countries that houses a quarter of the world's population, and the legal owner...
  3. Re: The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.

    I am actually in awe of how he explains these things. I would have never understood it if it's explained in a different way since it's so complex. I am amazed by this man and his explaining methods.
  4. Re: Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?

    With a lot of the sightings and other types of documentaries there hasn't been the one that we are all looking for, THO i still want to believe haha
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    I am honestly impressed by the Archbishop's speech and how much he meant by the words he said. It's impressive and I was left in awe when I heard it. I even paused my favourite Bitcoin casino game to...
  6. Re: This $175,000 sedan uses solar power.

    Whaattt? That sounds amazing! But, of course there are downsides to it as well, right?
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    Re: Nuclear: Fusion, Fission, and...

    Nuclear fusion is the process of combining two lighter nuclei to form a single heavy nucleus (part of an atom). Helium is made up of hydrogen atoms fused together. This generates a great deal of...
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    Re: Did you notice?

    The expansion of the car industry triggered a nationwide economic revolution in the United States. Dozens of new industries sprung up as a result. Naturally, demand for vulcanized rubber soared. As...
  9. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    As of yet, I think Polkadot is on the positive side. This cryptocurrency is a one-of-a-kind proof-of-stake coin that aims to provide interoperability across different blockchains. Its protocol...
  10. Re: Praveen Mohan, ancient builder race with ancient technologies.

    Thank you so much! I am so so interested in checking out his channel and watching his videos. This will really be interesting to watch.
  11. Re: Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?

    Wait a minute, there are already evidences about the existence of Big Foot? That's really interesting and intriguing!
  12. Re: Legend Of Boggy Creek - The Documentary

    I might have to give this a go even if it was one of the stories that scared me the most when I was still a child.
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