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    Holy crap man, she had serious mental issues.

    In the main article it says "abuse of a corpse"..
    that was the first time I heard this term related to a cult, I am wondering what they mean by...
  2. Re: Mormonism Exposed as having deep and dark Freemasonic and Satanic roots behind it

    I watched the entire movie (it is available in torrents), and there they talk about the "salamander letters" which debunk the entire story about the golden plates.. also it covers a lot about the...
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    Re: So What's Next?

    Was having a chat with a like minded friend and old colleague of work, and we agree in some points, the top 1% of 1% (call them whatever) want total control because that's the road that make sense...
  4. Re: Mormonism Exposed as having deep and dark Freemasonic and Satanic roots behind it

    The last video says a lot, before watch the entire video I thought: "this place of such magnificence is not for everyone, they want only the wealth in there", then I rolled all the video and bingo,...
  5. Re: Crush at Israeli religious festival kills 44

    Fanatism and crowd always end up bad, i feel sorry for the people, but it seems they never learn, it happen hundreds of times in many countries and still happening, could be easily avoided, but...
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    Re: The Window is Closing

    They have no idea what they’re ****ing with.


    Bill opened a thread about 3 different types of...
  7. Thread: Azazel

    by palehorse

    Re: Azazel

    I would say, you either find a small alternative publisher that are more concerned/interested in publish high quality alternative material than make money with mainstream BS, someone with a...
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    Re: So What's Next?

    You make great points, it deserve some comments

    Start with 1:
    I would not completely discard this option, they can still attack locations that ate not essential for them and keep safe only the...
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    This video says something about it chemtrails, nano particles, smart dust, this stuffs is around since the 90's, despite the dude plays a lot in the video, the info seems to be okay.

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    Re: Community pantries in the Philippines

    Cool, I saw some here in Thailand, mostly in Bangkok, but also in small town like the one I live, restaurant owners are doing it in order to help. It is a great demonstration of the human character.
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    Re: Are you saying Yes to life? Or No to life?

    Years ago I decided to make a big move, change my life in all ways possible, I was kind of bored and somehow I knew big changes were coming, not exactly what but I felt that very strong inside me,...
  12. Re: Luis Elizondo Press Conference, 22 April 2021

    Since Elizondo works (or worked?) for DeLonge, there is an interesting communication between Podesta and DeLonge available on wikileaks
  13. Re: It's Official, Astronomers Have Discovered another Earth!

    @PAtient you are not the only one hearing birds haha

    One thing sure, they got BIRDS! over there. :)
    the first video "These Are The Sounds Of Kepler Planets 186-F And 62 (And They're Incredibly...
  14. Thread: Green Paper

    by palehorse

    Re: Green Paper

    Yeah, it is all in there, I recommend reading "Illuminatis Trilogy" by Robert Anton Wilson, it is a great humorous ride, RAW was so good in exposing them and most important he managed so well to not...
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    Re: Codex Gigas (Devil's Bible)

    I am resurrecting this thread :)

    Here is the book located in the National Library of Sweden (
  16. Re: Marquis De Sade: Supreme Council Member of The Illuminati

    If there was a contest for the most wickedest man De Sade and Aleister Crowley would share the trophy.

    hahaha he would fit perfectly.. that was a good one.
  17. Re: Imagine this: What questions would you ask a wise, benevolent ET?

    Am I real? Independently of the answer prove it to me.
    Sounds a selfish question, but actually the answer should be very generic and fits each and everyone.
    In this new present era we are...
  18. Re: Marquis De Sade: Supreme Council Member of The Illuminati

    Marquis De Sade is terrible, disgusting. I went to a theater once, the play was De Sade's, at some point everybody was naked into some sort of theatrical orgy (they call that **** ART), also the...
  19. Re: Domain names on the decentralized web 3.0 (time to get in early is now)

    I tried last night and today again, but no success, Bob Wallet won't install on Manjaro Linux, it fails compilation returns loads of errors and warnings, the wallet require node installed, an it...
  20. Re: Domain names on the decentralized web 3.0 (time to get in early is now)

    Then Bob wallet will be, I will read more about sync the blockchain, I do not want to download the entire thing, I already got namecoin and monero here and they took lots of space (and still growing...
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