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    Re: Jerry Wills

    This is all very intriguing - these 3 tones, does anyone know what they are? I guess our human voices are only capable of a certain range, so they must be 'doable' !
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    View Post

    I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but since I can't remember...Back in 2013 I was sitting at my computer normally when the I felt the world turn upside down, I staggered to the couch and...
  3. Thread: Obituaries

    by Mike Gorman

    Re: Obituaries

    Vax an element in these deaths you think? People pass away every day, but we are witnessing a major departure of more people who would have expected several more decades life-time I think.
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    Re: Vaccine Crimes

    While I support the punishment of folks who work to undermine the liberty and well-being of "The People", and I also feel sympathy for those who want to see gallows, or guillotines set up in public...
  5. Re: UAP Disclosure comments, opinions and other material

    Guys, I want to report a strange aircraft I spotted a few nights ago here in Perth. It was around 11pm, I noticed a flashing series of lights, above my eyeline, the craft looked stationary and it had...
  6. Re: "Ghosts in the Machine" US Army 4th Psychological Operations Group Promo [2022]

    Verbum Vincet, which you could take as being 'Victory through language' = The Information War writ large! It is an ancient wisdom, is it not, that true victory can only be attained if you win the...
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    Re: Ten years plus on Avalon!

    You are so right MoJo, I noticed recently I registered in my early 50's - I am 64 this 21st May, I been hanging around on here for over 10 years, soon after Bill set the place up: I was a convert...
  8. Re: The Chinese WW3 virus: What the heck is really going on?

    I know how malicious the CCP cyber operatives can be - I realize my personal situation is drastically different to this brave Chinese lady - but because I posted a few anti-CCP items a couple of...
  9. Re: UAP Disclosure comments, opinions and other material

    Cliff High's latest missive is an eye opener! Mr High is an astute observer of 'Humans' and just read this:

    "There are a lot of shills, agents, dupes, and useful idiots in the media. Old, legacy...
  10. Re: "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Discussion thread

    Just a thought, the guy mentions under ground object over 1,000 feet long, could this be an actual base, somewhat like Dulce in New Mexico, perhaps digging under ground will reveal an alien outpost...
  11. Re: Have you had enough of the injustice being revealed around the globe?

    Your post asks some very current questions! Since the mid 1990's I have observed the development of 'The Web' and I remember thinking way back that this presentation of a second channel of response,...
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    Re: The Last Card? Kerry Cassidy

    With or without provision for a tail? How about spinal spikes, could be tricky!
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    I believe you are doing a good many Avalonians a disservice here. I am not sure anyone here would actually label themselves a Putin supporter. It is a question of 'right and wrong'.

    From a...
  14. Re: What is the FBI & DOJ doing about 2000 Mules?

    I think the simple answer to your post's title MoJo is that the FBI/DOJ are both complicit and were very active participants in the election steal: they were determined to undermine the Trump...
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    Re: The Last Card? Kerry Cassidy

    Reptilian eh? Where does this being originate, 'Dracos'? Forgive my sceptical irony, I don't know what to think about this, the biology would be interesting, let's see how this unfolds I guess.
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    Maybe Nosferatu instead?


    That would be an idea, but the Murnau version then, not the Wenders version, not to smear the memory of Klaus Kinski. But I was thinking of the good old...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    Your words ring very clear and true Mashika, the people of the western bloc are simply under nourished with the truth, the youngsters seem to be particularly under the thrall of the propagandists and...
  18. Re: A Message From President Putin -- and Me (Judge Anna)

    The Neocons of Washington want us all to believe that Putin = evil, that he is a butcher and aggressor: I saw Senator Graham sounding off just yesterday, he is a real nutcase, 'no off-ramp' for this...
  19. Re: Clif High's videos, tweets and articles: the years of Woo

    Oh, and LASER = light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation , not 'aspect' as Cliff says here.
  20. Re: Clif High's videos, tweets and articles: the years of Woo

    Light, turns out is the ubiquitous principle of creation, 'pair creation' and the actual nature of consciousness, we are fobbed off about photons, so this light principle Cliff speaks of supported by...
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