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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    Wow... talk about the "wisdom" spirit. Just popped in and caught a birthday for Bill? Does that make me a "gate crasher?" LOL
    Happy Birthday Bill Buddy. I hope you have many more and one day, maybe,...
  2. Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    Travel light with essentials for warmth. You already know prepping n protection and detection. No fear just logical survivalist practices and love to those not intending harm. Buckle upp. Roads...
  3. Thread: Racism

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Racism

    It started after the conquering of Native Americans/Y'srealites that were brought here by the Medes after they were released. They listened to the prophets and left crossing the seas. Their tribe is...
  4. Re: He Watched It Sit There For Hours ... UFO over Barnsley, South Yorkshire 28-6-2028

    I watched his video 3 times. Pretty cool, huh?
    Hi everyone the pc I had is a little on the fritz. It froze with a 2nd book on it where the desktop won't come up for me to access any programs, sites...
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    Re: Mass Arrests ??

    They would pay to keep that quiet. WS would fall like boulders, if these titan were found to be all lip n hip, instead of the "billionares they prop themselves up to be.
    Case in point: "The crash of...
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    Re: Heavy Gunfire at Saudi Royal Palace

    It's no wonder to me..Hee, hee Follow the history of false flags using real people, and you'll come to the same conclusion. Those who choose to play God over planet, people, mammals and fish....
  7. Re: Artificial Intelligence and "Fuzzy Logic" Successes

    I told my family years ago when they started playing the flight training and attack missions on the video games - ect.. that once hooked to microsoft and google, it would gather data on "successful...
  8. Re: 'It feels like having a limb cut off': the pain of friendship breakups

    I remember feeling alone from a very young age, although I had siblings, lots of them. Often I would spiritually have conversations with TMH God or a guardian that would answer questions from...
  9. Re: Syria war: At least 70 killed in suspected [alleged] chemical attack in Douma

    I heard there's no sprinklers at the top 5 floors? Why? Did an inspector get paid to look the other way? Happens all the time in NY.
  10. Re: Saudi Prince Bandar bin Khalid is deceased (12 March 2018) (Beware: details in opening post are wrong)

    Prince Bandar had a hand in 911. I imagine the loose ends are being either severed or tied. Bandar was so close to the Bush family, he's known as Uncle Bandy. Maybe this faux video is warning to him...
  11. Re: Facebook Forces NYT to quietly Delete Unflattering Reference to Sheryl Sandberg

    You want to know why I started treating FB like the advertising bordello of privacy sales? Someone made a page in my name because "I stopped participating in the elections/separated from...
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    Re: Searching for answers

    Empathic or Extra-sensory perceptions training? Yes I think that is already going on worldwide. All will see and know....
  13. Re: Bitcoin: Researchers find child pornography in blockchain

    Heck most of the effective snatchers of children have the $$$ to pull it off and get away. When they start private secret clubs, all hell breaks loose on the public's safety of children.Bankers also...
  14. Re: Bitcoin: Researchers find child pornography in blockchain

    Thank you, I blelieve the current nwo bankers ar a little peeved the peope have gone around them and can self correct without them/WS bankers, fudging the economic numbers in cyberspace for deletion/...
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    Re: Spelling Prompts

    Hahaha. I still use that one today. In fact just yesterday. My Charlie Brown years came back to me.
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    Re: Spelling Prompts

    Yes, and then I hit edit after it's posted, sometimes put the reason for the repost like Misspelling and then correct it. I have one now on "repost" but it doesn't give me "fifty-leven" options. LOL...
  17. Poll: Re: Do humans need faster communication methods and continued space exploration?

    They can't even play together in their own backyard, I think until we've overcome biases between humans that cause murder and hate, Man or woman of this planet should remain in the stench it's...
  18. Re: University researchers: 70,000 years ago red dwarf flyby in our solar system

    In that page astronomer: C. de le fuenta, Marcos also has a monthly report and I scrolled down by the years to see how long they've been tracking/have they known? His papers on the celestial bodies,...
  19. Re: Devastating war in SPACE will break out between nations 'within a matter of years', warns US Air Force chief

    These people are knucking futz, to think that they will be allowed to attack any lif forms or beings under our noses in our names, and have the world wondering why? They can't be trusted with...
  20. Re: YOUTUBE is cracking down as the Deep State empire is '3 striking' back: 23/1/18

    Well I can only tell you from "our" side of the issue on You tube and the "faux flaggers" that cause strikes against the channel as abuse or other. If they get a flood of them, instead of...
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