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    Re: Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

    Polio Vaccine 1950's contained the SV40 hereditary cancer virus likely responsible for 10 millions of deaths - admitted 10 years later

    Covid Vaccine contains SM-102 - Perhaps a lot more dangerous...
  2. Re: Physicists Developed a Technique to Finally Detect Dark Matter

    Black holes form new stars. Perhaps a similar process is going on at the smallest level imaginable.
  3. Re: World Health Organization insider Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger blows the whistle

    Interestingly Denmark has just changed the legal definitions for disease allowing the Government to implement lockdowns at will - we live in scary times as we sleepwalk towards Agenda 21 / 2030
  4. Re: How does this virus go away? Give me your scenario on how it ends ?

    As a prediction

    I would say around 2030 (Agenda 21 / 2030)

    By 2030 automation, robotics and AI will replace many traditional jobs although this new technology will create new jobs, how many...
  5. Re: How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? - Questions For Corbett

    Ignorance can be stopped

    Stupidity is the problem especially when we glorify the technocratic gate keepers who talk but do not listen because they believe they know it all
  6. Re: Vaccine Patent Holders Run Experiments and Say Vaccine is Safe... We can Trust Them right?

    We trust them at our own peril - if it was so safe then why do governments have to take Big Pharma off risk before they distribute the vaccine. This is because Governments and Big Corporates are one...
  7. Re: UK PM Boris tells businesses to make up covid rules

    Yes seems like Farage shot himself in the foot.

    It appears the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) has nothing to do with the European Union. Also the UK Human Rights Act 1998, which...
  8. Re: UK PM Boris tells businesses to make up covid rules

    I noticed Nigel Farage recently said that we should scrap the EU human rights act - I wonder who's side he is really on - seems like he could be controlled opposition.

    At the moment it is...
  9. Re: Reliable information, a real crisis in today's world

    Being mindful of history and the big Agenda 21/2030 helps keep us on the right side of logic.

    We appear to be going through an new era of control where macro, micro and nano technology agendas and...
  10. Re: Reliable information, a real crisis in today's world

    Lack of truth has reached dangerous levels, by design

    As I understand viruses are not necessarily our enemy and serve to update our microbiome systems as well as rid us of toxins. A unwell toxic...
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    Re: Is history going to repeat itself...?

    TomKat - the psyop is across the board I think, for sure the Tavistock Institute is the center for control of human consciousness where the likes of Parkes, Charlie Ward and Magenta Pixie have...
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    Re: Is history going to repeat itself...?

    After Wednesday I think there is going to be a lot of backlash and adjustment of many fantasy truth seekers trapped in what I see as an elaborate 'hope psyop' that has played out over recent years -...
  13. Re: Massive 2021 CIA UFO Files Download - Fade to Black with John Greenewald TheBlackVault

    It's what they don't tell us that I am interested in
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    Re: New World Order, explained

    Remember the Peasants Revolt of 1381 - hopefully we the people will finish the job properly once we stop going along with all this crap

    Notice how world leaders were quick to attack the peasants...
  15. Re: Richard D Hall December 2020 Presentation "Scamdemic"

    I for one thought this was an excellent video. It takes someone with high intelligence to explain stuff in simple terms.

    University Professors typically use highfalutin terminology to appear...
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    Re: Can anyone check to see what frequency this is?

    Could be a combinations of an ionized atmosphere and energy / HAAP type tech
  17. Thread: Demoralization

    by yelik

    Re: Demoralization

    Demoralisation through fear has always been the basic tool of control.

    Here's a copy of a recent letter I sent to the Prime Minister of the UK - Boris Johnson. For my part I send regular wake up...
  18. Re: Is the current Globalist plan the right thing to do? . . Convince me

    Without truth, discernment, knowledge and wisdom that leads to enlightenment we all end up reacting to the destructive behavior traits of the few hybrids that manipulate the mind and intent of the...
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    Re: Significant UAP Paper Published by Israeli Uni

    Disclosure drip by drip
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    Re: Mass Incarceration in the U.S.

    The main game always in play..........

    Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power

    ................."By keeping the population...
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