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  1. Re: Joe Rogan with Alex Honnold: the greatest athletic achievement of all time

    Just found a great documentary showing a free solo slackliner. Starting at 19.30 mins you can see a world...
  2. Re: Positive confirmation dream/download I had..


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    Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    George Knapp a few days ago on mainstream media talking about UAP.

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    Re: Your Favorite Social Media Sites?

    Tik Tok is hands down the best soical media app I have ever used. It truely is waking up the younger generation. I even remember a Tik Tok with our very own Bill Ryan taken from the Reptilian Legacy...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    In this video, Dr. Rema Lalbow talks about a fake virus being created to desterilize the population using vaccines. It was recorded 11...
  6. Re: What are you not doing, that maybe you should be?

    Living in the present moment. The last 400 days have really shaken us up!
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    George Orwell was a member of the Fabian Society in London. The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist...
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    An incredible story! A lot of food for thought here...I need to change parts of my life. :o
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    Re: Who is shaking the jar ?

    Chaos. Panic. Fear. Their work is done here.

    I have never seen the world so shook as it is right now!

    I doubt we will ever know who is shaking the jar, but just knowing it is being shaken is...
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    Re: 7 mass shootings in 7 days

    And so begins Project Fear. The American Public has been programmed to buy Guns. They appear in nearly every TV show or film made in the USA. However, there is now a second force actively planning...
  11. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    A really enjoyed reading all these posts thanks OP. Porn is just on the internet, it is a choice to watch it or not. But Sex is everywhere in our world. I think most men get triggered so easily by...
  12. Re: Supporting others who've had the covid vaccination

    I hate my new life. Everyone hates their new lives. It has been 365 days of suffering for the world but especially Europe and North America. We are no longer living. In France, everyone has to be...
  13. Re: Reptillians/Aliens----------Don't Shape Shift

    Possible, but the photo is from McConnel's own twitter acount. However, the head and eyes do look very strange.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    I awoke convinced I'm living in 'Rosemary's Baby'...
  14. Re: Reptillians/Aliens----------Don't Shape Shift

    This is caught my eye. Who is this figure? Why are they wearing a baseball cap at a remembrance event? Why does it not look human?


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    Re: Official First Contact

    This passage really hit home to me! Thanks for posting!
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    Re: The Mandela Effect: What does it mean??

    People remember it being a reddish colour!

    But now it is a Greenish colour?

    I cannot comment but maybe some...
  17. Re: It is time we consciously create a new paradigm together

    Yes! It does feel like humanity has been stuck at this point of expansion for some time.
  18. Re: It is time we consciously create a new paradigm together

    If you see yourself differently, you will see the world differently. If you see the world differently, you will feel differently about the things in it. Which means you do things differently!
  19. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

    I had to reread this several times!

    Britain won't achieve herd immunity with the current coronavirus vaccines even if every single Briton is injected, a study claimed today.

    It came as Boris...
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    Re: Time travel: Is it real?

    It worked thanks Bill! This was posted in 2015. Masks, BLM, I cant breathe....I have checked and videos cannot be edited only deleted and reuploaded.


    To post a specific image (if...
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