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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    That was a fascinating, and extremely disturbing, read. Thanks.
  2. Re: UK Avalonians - NHS can share your data unless you opt out

    I'm fairly sure this did come up at the time, though perhaps not here. I do know I opted out with a simple letter - or at least I think I did. (I have to confess I don't trust the bastards* you...
  3. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    I was looking at rural properties in Spain but discovered, since the Brits Brexit'd, we are only allowed to live in Spain for 6 months in a year. There are probably ways around it. 'Loster', I like...
  4. Re: Why do magnets stick to a vaxxed person's arm at the injection site?

    Idle thoughts running through my mind as I peruse the above.

    Lots of zombie movies and computer games.

    Vaccines, magnets, 5g = zombie apocalypse. The unvaccinated are going to have to contend...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    02:40 Sunday 13th June 2021 my father left this incarnation peacefully in his sleep. He went out to the sound of bagpipes playing from a tape.

    Born 26th December 1927 he was 94 years old. Just 2...
  6. Re: If you had a one-way ticket to any year, what year would you choose?

    I'd like to go to the Americas and learn about the mound builders and their philosophies, I'd have to trust is some dodgy history to pick an accurate date I fear.

    Failing that, everything Star...
  7. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    Wow, coherent, plausible and very disturbing. Particularly interesting to me was the account of the recent defector who was hidden from both the CIA and FBI - if those two agencies are compromised it...
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    Re: Transgender issues

    That's Blair White above on the right. Before yesterday I had never heard of her but she popped up in Tom Macdonald's 'Snowflakes' video. Seems a down to earth, grounded person comapred to many...
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    Re: Pedophilia outside USA's Hollywood centered world

    Warning! Vulgar and explicit language from the start and throughout


    I posted in another thread about being excited about seeing this band live and-wow! I am reading so much...
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    Re: No Lives Matter - A Song that tells it as it is

    Came to the conclusion tonight that this guy is an advanced soul exactly where he needs to be and doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing for this incarnation. (Wish I could say the same!)
  11. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    We could also all go and join Bill in Ecuador.

    (Imagines Bill putting his head in his hands and muttering, 'No, please no!')

  12. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Thank you for all the responses.

    It did occur to me today that such a venture would be fraught with potential difficulties. Should just one person decide they had made a mistake and want out it...
  13. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Just £1.5m
  14. Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Hypothetical situation. Ten stakeholders put together the money to buy a place.
    What's the chance we all manage to get along without schisms and fractures?

    The way I see it it would be like...
  15. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    A quick, slightly off-topic post.

    I have communicated in two places about bitcoin. Here on Avalon, and with another English guy through my work. Neither of these contacts are aware of my surname....
  16. Re: Films/Movies with uplifting/inspiring/thought-provoking themes, etc. etc.

    Relative to the idea of relocating I flirted with the idea of buying a boat, despite the fact I'm past 60 and never sailed a day in my life. That would be no obstacle! The more I looked into it...
  17. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    I know zilch about this topic but recently met a guy who was very enthusiastic and seemingly knowledgeable about it. He swears XRP is the thing to get on, something about the financial system...
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    Re: The Green Children of Woolpits

    Here is an interview of Duncan on THC.[/QUOTE]
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    Re: The migration crisis on the US-Mexico border

    A wild thought impinges upon my mind.

    The West, specifically both US and UK (and Europe) have been in bed with the Middle East (the geographic owners of the oil) for a long time.

    We have seen...
  20. Thread: English homework

    by Ewan

    Re: English homework

    Mash, if it is any consolation I would never have known you struggle with English as your written posts really give no indication of it.

    Sure there is the odd mistake but, believe me, plenty...
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