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    To add an analogue: We also discover 'alien' species every day.

    Especially in our oceans, but also out in the jungle or generally in nature. Scientists discover "new" bacteria, algae, funghi,...
  2. Re: [INCORRECT] Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human.

    There is so much nonsense put out there in conspiracy research and this might be one example of it. Certainly we are kind of 'owned' on this slave planet in a way, but not this way.
  3. Re: (s7e6e asks) is Avalon a CIA platform?

    I don't doubt "they" read here using some fake accounts that imv would have zero posts to begin with.
  4. Re: Take a day off from saving the world

    Great post. Just saying we should do it every day for a few minutes or an hour. Be creative, walk the dog or alone in nature, meditate, listen or play music, etc. We need to shut it all off as often...
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    Re: The Lost Jesus Scroll!!

    About 10 years or so ago I read this book by the now late Ms Murdock (Acharya was her author pseudonym). She makes the point that Jesus' story is a hybrid of many other son/sun of god figures that...
  6. Re: UFOs & Christians the Hypocrisy Paradox

    Exactly. Never bow down to any 'deity' at all. The whole concept of 'worshipping' and 'serving' a god figure is wrong already.

    Btw, next to your examples of UFOs in the sky on old paintings and...
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    Re: The Lost Jesus Scroll!!

    If you are into past life regression literature this one might also be for you. I've read it years ago and found it interesting. It confirms the Jesus-Essenes connection.
  8. Re: NDE's (Near Death Experiences) described by Avalon Members

    I always called mine a 'quasi' NDE although it was maybe 'just' an OBE in a surgery. Not sure til this very day. On the other hand something definitely went 'wrong' during this surgery and it might...
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    We had the same discussions years ago with the many planned or active FEMA camps in the US, not for vax refusers but for all other kinds of anti-system awake people or whoever.

    It is normal that...
  10. Re: Daniel Sheehan's Statement about Elizondo, Mellon, and Steven Greer

    Has anyone already seen Greer's newest controversial film 'The Cosmic Hoax' which addresses all of this?

    Here's Bitchute and I am proud I managed to embed it...
  11. Re: Consciousness is Immortal - An In-Depth Interview with Tom Campbell

    In my view it is neither 1 nor 2. I think you as "Higher Self" is like playing avatars with incarnations. These avatars are still 'real' as a part of your "Greater" self. Your Greater/Total/Higher...
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    Re: When is Enough is Enough?

    I constantly feel reminded of this quote and it gets even more 'real' by each day passing it seems.
  13. Re: Consciousness is Immortal - An In-Depth Interview with Tom Campbell

    He is a conscousness experiencer with lifelong vast experience in NPMR and lots of OBEs, at least that is his claim. If there were NDEs I don't remember. I read his book trilogy back in 2010 when I...
  14. Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    Some go to lower Astral planes to work out their 'issues' and traumas. These are also kind of hells, some earth-like, some different and more dream-like.

    No it is not eternal. They are being...
  15. Re: Did your spiritual practice ever attract black helicopters?

    I once stood on a field near my home. I put out the message telepathically to some (of the nice) ETs in their craft to pop up an show themselves to me.

    I got a black helicopter instead only a...
  16. Re: Why do magnets stick to a vaxxed person's arm at the injection site?

    Today tried a little magnet on my arm and it stuck for a while. It is summer and I had a bit of a wet and sweaty skin. I am unvaxxed (and will remain so!). Just saying. Does not prove or disprove...
  17. Re: The white hats are fully in control?

    The world goes down the drain. Millions will die from an experimental vaccine genetherapy. There's more and more hunger, war, environmental contamination, 5G, famine, loss of liberties and freedom...
  18. Re: Arriving at Future dates in Sci-Fi Cinema

    I always find it quite interesting (and sometimes funny) to look at past scifi shows depicting dates that are also already deep in the past past from our view.

    Just take the show "Space: 1999" or...
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    Re: Logan Paul... aliens coming in June?

    A simulation *IS* real. Because everyTHING is *real*. That is why we call our experiences *REAL*ity.
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    Re: Personality changes in vaxxed people

    Just a thought. For many years there has been talk about The Shift in terms of splitting into two Earths. I always thought it was metaphorical. Maybe this is the Schism / Shift / Split? Or at least...
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