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    Re: Iran has gone intercontinental

    Mashika, the Chinese nationist party retreated to Taiwan in 1949 when Mao led the Red Army to victory. Taiwan wasn't originally democratic but went that way over thirty years ago or more. The only...
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    Re: Iran has gone intercontinental

    Mashika, I can handle hard facts. I know that the f-35 and f22 was tracked by turkey with their Russian missile defense system recently. I think the American military is aware of this issue. But...
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    Re: Iran has gone intercontinental

    Mashika, the bomb that leaves the real estate intact is the neutron bomb, not the H bomb. The hbomb has the worst environmental impact of all bombs, I believe.

    The thing about Iran is that they...
  4. Re: Daniel Sheehan's Statement about Elizondo, Mellon, and Steven Greer

    Personally, given the difficulty verifying what any of these spooks claim, I am quite comfortable dismissing whatever they say, whether you feel frustrated or not. Leist has plenty of evidence that...
  5. Re: Daniel Sheehan's Statement about Elizondo, Mellon, and Steven Greer

    Although I have not watched Daniel recently, every time I do he paints elezondo and pals as Cia flunkies not to be trusted. I don't know what his opinion is of Greer, tho Greer naively seems to...
  6. Re: How to flash freeze a woolly mammoth, and other galactic superwaves

    Funny, some sources claim that the new galactic force field change that our solar system is entering is the trigger for the raising of consciousness on Earth, not the cause of the demise of...
  7. Re: If you went back in time, what gadget would you miss the most?

    I was a teen into a young man in the 1970s. We had plenty of good things then, including nice houses, tv, radio, boats, good music, good sports, trains, planes and automobiles. I would do without...
  8. Re: Positive confirmation dream/download I had..

    Hi Ben, the more the current situation goes on, the more discouraged I get. Many good people I know have taken these vaccines, which can have very very serious consequences down the road. I don't...
  9. Re: Who can predict Post Alien UFO Disclosure Economics trends? ... anyone?

    ET disclosure, and revealing the back-engineered ET tech, if done honourably and honestly, would likely greatly benefit humankind. From what has been exposed by credible witnesses, the SSP has...
  10. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    I already have a retreat. From that experience I would suggest buying a piece of undervalued land that can be gardened and can supply water, atleast if a well is dug. Where mine is we have really...
  11. Re: Midazolam is the smoking gun in UK First Wave

    Delight, anywhere to get Wofensberger's books free?
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    Re: David - They're laughing WITH you!

    Thanks for this, John. Thanks to David for stirring the pot. I'm still not convinced that the British Royal family are reptilians, but Mr. Icke has pointed out so much of how the cabal operates,...
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    Re: The Top 10 evil people still alive today

    It seems this list is really the publicly known most evil people alive.

    George Soros would have to be on this list.
    Ted Turner also.

    Now, regarding evil people who take that role for whatever...
  14. Re: Anybody heard of this happening after a seizure?

    Possibly a past-life personality being experienced, or a concurrent life that occasionally a soul manifests on this plane? There maybe hypnotists or past life therapists who could help you with...
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    Re: A bizarre writing experience!

    There's a couple of glaring omissions and an illogical conclusion in this 'channeled' writing.

    Firstly, completely bypassing any mention of covid19, one of the biggest psyops in human history,...
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    Re: Senator Rubio warns about UAP threat

    And watch, next month the Pentagon is releasing a report of UFO's that will finally disclose that they exist and they might be a 'threat'. I saw a quote from newt Gingrich on it, and senator Rubio,...
  17. Re: Project Camelot deleted from YouTube after 16 years!! And the murder of Mark McCandlish

    Love you Kerry, but I just can't stomach Mark Richards.
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    Senator Rubio warns about UAP threat

    Here is more of this dribble feed on uap's. Senator Rubio, acting chair of the US Senate intelligence committee is trying to 'raise awareness' of the upcoming release of a Pentagon report on UFO's. ...
  19. Re: The Death of Mark McCandlish: UFO artist and activist

    I remember he had met someone who had been to an exhibition put on by aviation companies where one of the exhibits was a floating in air craft. Mark was a credible commentator. Not sure how much he...
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    I am not American. It seems to me that Biden's foreign policy has largely followed much the same path as before, atleast talking the talk, for instance China is considered a threat in the South...
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