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  1. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill, trust you're well. :) A couple of Qs for you...

    1. Why do you think Biden's daughter is trying to prevent an audit of the arizona results of the recent peresidential election and if not...
  2. Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0, April 25, 2021 1p-6p Pacific Time (Phoenix)

    Are you able to share any of your doubts, reservations or what transpired to make you leave and form the perceptions/conclusions/realisations you now have?
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    Re: The Skinwalker Ranch

    soz, Point taken. :) Was 5' 8" now feeling 2" tall.
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    Re: The Skinwalker Ranch

    It appears to have attracted quite an extraordinary if not legendary reputation for the paranormal activity apparently on its many eerie acres of land (and sky above)

    Anyone got any insights,...
  5. Re: Hilary Clinton scheduled for a military court appearance - Any truth in this?

    Oh oh was sent this today -

    Have some people got too much time on their hands or do some folk really do have blood on their hands?...
  6. Re: Hilary Clinton scheduled for a military court appearance - Any truth in this?

    Found this -

  7. Hilary Clinton scheduled for a military court appearance - Any truth in this?

    Had a zoom call earlier this pm, where I was told that Hilary Clinton
    is being held in military custody ready to be charged tomorrow and
    that her US citizenship has been stripped.

    Just wondered...
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    Re: What is Project Avalon to you?

    For me, my time on this 3D rock is a journey of problems to solve, challenges to face, reaquaint with old "friends" to gently nudge us and experiences to enjoy. The PA forum is a great place to...
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    I've done automatic writing many many times over the last 10-12 years. Sometimes it answers a mental question with a written answer, writes a paragraph or two of universal knowledge and sometimes...
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    Re: Aliens or Demons?

    angels, spirits, ets, demonic entities, forces etc.......All just words and vocabulary of choice or more importantly "belief" - suspend the belief and use a different word and very often the...
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    From Broke to Woke....?

    If as a goldfish looking in, I see a Govt that is a corporation in the USA that is bankrupt and Trillions in debt. That perhaps is why the army is now coming to the fore...

    ...if the government is...
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    Re: The Case for Bill Cooper

    Ive got the pale horse book and watched a couple of Bill's long workshop vids, have viewed the pro and - comments in various places, but couldnt help thinking when the police had surrounded the house...
  13. Re: Hidden In Plain Sight And You Couldn't Get Any More Blatant!!

    Doesn't Denver Airport have a lot of weird symbolism and art permanently on show to the public and somewhat blatant - too?
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    Re: Smudging to cleanse a property?

    The reason I raise it as a topic, is that we recently moved house, and the first 3 weeks had very very restless nights of sleep. The dog was coming into the room as we slept, jumping on the bed and...
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    Smudging to cleanse a property?

    Anyone got experience of burning sage to "smudge" a property?

    Many believe it can cleanse, revigorate and revitalise a property whilst renewing the energy within the property and clearing it of...
  16. Re: Aha - Covid. Biden. Crypto - A potential ker-ching moment...?

    I suspect others may have their own thoughts too ;)
  17. Aha - Covid. Biden. Crypto - A potential ker-ching moment...?

    So, if Microsoft & Bill Gates filed a patent… HERE

    for a cryptocurrency implant into the human body to convert physical activity into a cryptocurrency


    if China (with the largest...
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    Re: How many languages do you speak?

    I speak 3 - English, Scottish & Rubbish ;)
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    Is history going to repeat itself...?

    If perpetrators disguised themselves and infiltrated the peaceful demonstration on Capitol Hill on 6th January solely to cause mayhem and carnage, forgive me, but with all these thousands of troops...
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    Re: Why is Bill Gates buying so much farmland?

    Hey, at a 1000 km2 in just one state that he has - he could build more than one city, or community to vaccinate sheeple, monitor, feed, webucate and roll out across the country... (just saying)
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