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  1. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    This reply sums up political reality very well:
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    Re: Ten years plus on Avalon!

    Do people find Avalon, or does Avalon find people? Ten years later still wondering about that.

    Here's to another ten!
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    Re: 9/11 - WTC: New Eyewitness Video

    You're absolutely right, that was indeed sloppy of me. The telegram clip is poor quality. I should have searched for a better version of the clip before making any declarations. Instead, I rushed to...
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    Re: 9/11 - WTC: New Eyewitness Video

    Did It !?

    Another eye witness video. [video clip at link][/quote]

    You can see the giant hole in the north tower, so we know which angle the other came in at to...
  5. Re: A.I. is Progressing Faster Than You Think!

    For the following videos, which came up on my YT feed last night, I echo the following comment. It describes my feelings exactly:

    I must've been living under a rock these past two years because it...
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    Re: What is Time?

    Massively complex question. My basic perception of time is that it's an energy, perhaps even a force, which has (potentially) an infinite number of dimensions of its own. Confined (as we are) to a...
  7. Re: Describe "Freedom" in no more than 3 sentences

    Answering a little more abstractly here, because the philosophical perspective is to me more interesting than bland political constructs.

    Freedom at its fundamental core is independence. Pure...
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    Poll: Re: Dead or Alive

    The Paul is dead thing was a stunt, a practical joke for a college campus newspaper that went completely out of control. More in the second half of this post.

    The 'forensic analysis' of Faul by...
  9. Re: Project Looking Glass reloaded: Can we save the world?
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    Re: Your Whistleblower Wishlist

    Hold that tunnel of light BG. You need to see this (if you haven't already) from the Avalon library - probably one of its most important docs:

    JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich's Man's Trick.

  11. Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts, my brother's doing a bit better. It's been an extremely rough time for him recently so this was a terrible blow. He's awaiting a number of tests...
  12. Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Few days back my brother had his 4th booster, now he's had a heart attack. In hospital now, not looking. Your prayers and energy would be deeply appreciated..

  13. Re: Hunter's Laptop Strikes Back -- at Last

    There's a fourth option as well: the hard drive itself could have been compressed. Not sure how much extra space you can get doing that these days, but I remember it was quite common practise years...
  14. Re: Archaeologists declare consensus

    It went over my head, I admit it lol. Thinking about it more...yeh, Archaeologists all suddenly holding hands and reaching a consensus is quite ridiculous - a bit like all politicians getting...
  15. Re: Archaeologists declare consensus

    Tell us about the Giant human skeletal remains that are buried deep in the black vaults of the Smithsonian. Tell us about the discoveries that prove advanced Antidilivian civilizations existed,...
  16. Re: Hollyweird - Will Smith & Chris Rock Incident Staged?

    It may seem like nothing on the surface, but you don't know what's under that surface, unless you take a glimpse. That's all we're trying to do here.

    When viewed as merely a celebrity squabble it...
  17. Re: Project Looking Glass reloaded: Can we save the world?

    I agree. For my part, not liking this, not liking it at all. I strongly suspect something like a Looking Glass device actually does exist, but this data, the way it is framed, packaged and conveyed,...
  18. Re: Hollyweird - Will Smith & Chris Rock Incident Staged?

    One thing I think maybe happening here is that many of us are so used to sleight of hand - to lies, propaganda, and manipulation in the media and entertainment industry - that perhaps our default...
  19. Re: Hollyweird - Will Smith & Chris Rock Incident Staged?

    His opening line should be, "Is Will Smith in the house...? No? Thank f*** for that!"
  20. Re: Hollyweird - Will Smith & Chris Rock Incident Staged?

    Top post Mike, good to see you back. I agree with 99% of it - but I think he's more than just cucked by his Mrs. You have to question the quality of Will Smith's character from the allegations that...
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