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    Re: I have learned to use the delete button!

    Mike Adams does know a lot about the current situation and seems to have
    realized he does not know it all.

    So, I listen to him a lot lately.

    Alex Jones when he is interviewing someone whose...
  2. Re: You Must Divorce Your Political Party To See The Truth

    I agree totally and have mostly thought that way all my life. My motto is: never allow
    yourself to be divided between parties.
    That is the biggest controlling mechanism "they" hold over us.

  3. Re: The onslaught of prescription drug commercials on TV

    Tell big pharma to go straight to hell''''''''

    they are beyond evil,,,,........

    if you need medical info go to a naturopathic Dr. who treats patients naturally.
    It may cost more but which is...
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    Re: Biden Inauguration + Info

    Trump is a master chess player in politics. He covered all the bases and watched the "enemy"
    fall into his traps as there were many. He bides his time and waits.

    He has done his homework. He...
  5. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Biden is gone. He was just chosen as a patsy to fill in a role to make it seem like he was a contender.

    Otherwise he would be arrested and shown to be what he really is. a pro. Chinees...
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    Re: Why is Bill Gates buying so much farmland?

    Gates is being played and he can not see it. Powers greater than him are in effect.

    Wake up Gates!!! or you will die. and be quickly forgotten, as you should be.

    Those who fall from great...
  7. Re: Trump Signs Memo to Secure Government-Backed Research and Development Against Foreign Interference

    My money is on Trump....

    He plans and is well ahead of the game...

    Bidon is gone as he should be..

    Anyone can see what he was and is....................
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    Re: We have no time to think!

    I know where you're coming from. I've been there and finally escaped. '
    I stopped watching TV over 25 years ago. Best thing I ever did. I literally hate TV.
    I don't have to tell you...
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    Re: Game On! Cabal Takedown In High Gear

    It's not over yet. Trump still has aces up his sleeve

    "It's not over till it's over."
  10. Re: Special SAS unit has been trained to respond to an alien invasion of Earth

    Totally ridiculous....
  11. Re: Mysterious Metal Monoliths - appearing and disappearing everywhere

    Did anyone contact David Icke about this?
  12. Re: Important mesasge from Inelia Benz, 19 Dec 2020

    What in hell is she rabbiting on about?
    never heard her say 'anything worth while' about anything.
    I admit that I could not listen to her for more than a minute.
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    Re: Why is the world so beautiful?

    It is, but also the opposite, cruel beyond belief. Those who have experienced
    the other side know better.
    Maybe better to go beyond that and look on a brighter side.
    It's great for a lot of...
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    Kennedy would have agreed with that ...
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    Re: Contemplative moments for a brief respite..

    It's just water, moonlight, what do you expect?
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    BIGGEST A **** ON planet Earth.
    next to Bill
  17. What do people of various beliefs including atheists say about their death and return (NDE)...

    I know that Atheism is a belief also (just to clarify).

    I'm curious as to what differences there may be regarding NDE's from one belief to another
    if any. I expect that there would be some...
  18. Re: Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you what you are

    The problem of the veganism that it is perhaps without knowing it for globalization, because it consumes processed foods that come from the other side of the planet. That he doesn't respect the...
  19. Re: Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you what you are

    OK., I have been a wholistic practitioner for many decades and recently became 98% VEGAN.
    I don't believe in being extreme in any direction.
    A lot depends on what makes you feel good physically...
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    Poll: Re: How often do you use cash?

    the fact that we know this indicates that we are aware.

    And need to stop them at every possibility.
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