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    Re: Is history going to repeat itself...?

    TomKat - the psyop is across the board I think, for sure the Tavistock Institute is the center for control of human consciousness where the likes of Parkes, Charlie Ward and Magenta Pixie have...
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    Re: Is history going to repeat itself...?

    After Wednesday I think there is going to be a lot of backlash and adjustment of many fantasy truth seekers trapped in what I see as an elaborate 'hope psyop' that has played out over recent years -...
  3. Re: Massive 2021 CIA UFO Files Download - Fade to Black with John Greenewald TheBlackVault

    It's what they don't tell us that I am interested in
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    Re: New World Order, explained

    Remember the Peasants Revolt of 1381 - hopefully we the people will finish the job properly once we stop going along with all this crap

    Notice how world leaders were quick to attack the peasants...
  5. Re: Richard D Hall December 2020 Presentation "Scamdemic"

    I for one thought this was an excellent video. It takes someone with high intelligence to explain stuff in simple terms.

    University Professors typically use highfalutin terminology to appear...
  6. Re: Can anyone check to see what frequency this is?

    Could be a combinations of an ionized atmosphere and energy / HAAP type tech
  7. Thread: Demoralization

    by yelik

    Re: Demoralization

    Demoralisation through fear has always been the basic tool of control.

    Here's a copy of a recent letter I sent to the Prime Minister of the UK - Boris Johnson. For my part I send regular wake up...
  8. Re: Is the current Globalist plan the right thing to do? . . Convince me

    Without truth, discernment, knowledge and wisdom that leads to enlightenment we all end up reacting to the destructive behavior traits of the few hybrids that manipulate the mind and intent of the...
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    Re: Significant UAP Paper Published by Israeli Uni

    Disclosure drip by drip
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    Re: Mass Incarceration in the U.S.

    The main game always in play..........

    Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power

    ................."By keeping the population...
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    Re: The World in 2021- The Economist

    Satan often inverts the meaning
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    Re: Rising above Us vs Them

    It is difficult to know the truth in an era where truth is treason, where lies become truth, where up is down.

    Just who or what has the hidden power and global influence to pull off such sinister...
  13. Re: In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a gigantic UFO surprises the entire city

    I saw a very similar display of lights early evening some 50 years ago on a small hillside just behind my parent house. The ones I saw were multi-coloured and stretched from height of around 1000ft...
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    Re: If You Ruled the World....

    Most Likely Fail
  15. Re: The Planned COVID-21 and the Confiscation of all Personal Property

    Similar to the recent letter from a person working at the German Bundestag Federal Parliament. Could be a hoax but if these reports are true we got real problems.

    It does make sense that...
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    Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained - I'll give it a try thank you
  17. Re: Charlie Ward about the reset rollout (and much else)

    Hi chris
    I think finding balance is natural in almost everything, but is increasingly difficult in a world being controlled by orchestrated digital information chaos and fear of a hidden enemy (mad...
  18. Re: Charlie Ward about the reset rollout (and much else)

    Chris, I understand

    Good can sometimes emerge from extreme evil which ultimately consumes itself - at the moment I believe worse is to come with no Asian Dragon Family saviors

    For my part I...
  19. Re: Charlie Ward about the reset rollout (and much else)

    Hi greybeard
    I agree it is useful to sit on the backbench and observe sometimes.

    I think it's important to be mindful about our state of consciousness at all times. Our thoughts and written words...
  20. Re: German Parliamentary Advisor Warns Against Corona Agenda

    Good article that contains a lot of sobering information we should all be concerned about

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - At some point we must be...
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