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  1. Re: Mike Emery: Building Your Orgone Bubble Generator

    Welcome to Project Avalon OrgoneBubbleHealsTechHeals, and thanks for sharing the information and link.:flower:
  2. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

    I have seen a number of similar videos - some people are even in worse condition.

    I am now at a point where it upsets me to see what has happened to these poor people that I do not want to post...
  3. Re: Art project 50 portraits of whistleblowers released

    Hey Doug,
    I hope it is ok to post this request on this thread. I was wondering when you have time if you could tell us a lttle about the paintings that have been used on your Avatar more recently....
  4. Re: Happy New Year, Avalonians. Post a wish, an observation, a rant, a resolution

    I am about to enter the 2021 future year! Let us be the Love, Compassion and Wisdom in the world. Happy New Year💖💟💝
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    Re: Animals are Magical
    An article with lots of great pictures of a mailman who is loved by all the animals along the streets that he dilivers mail to.
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    Re: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

    May the Holiday Season and 2021 bring forth Peace and Joy for all.🕊💝

    Through our difficult tmes may we be transformed by Love.💓

    Thank you everyone for what you share. 💏💑💏
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    Re: "Your truth" v "the truth"

    Thank you for starting this thread and welcome to the forum weAllMustLeanToNavigate! :flower:

    'Truth' is indeed an important topic and will hopefully bring interesting and thoughtful discussuions...
  8. Re: Richard D Hall December 2020 Presentation "Scamdemic"


    Welcome to Project Avalon Lazarus. Thank you for your post and we look forward to reading more from you. :flower:
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Gracy. You brought joy to Tom and no doubt made his passing easier and knowing you cared enough to bring him a personalised gift would have made his heart sing....
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    Sticky: Re: The Anglo-Saxon Mission

    Welcome to PA and thank you for your post.

    It is great to hear your firsthand experience and perspective on what it is really like living in China as a foreigner. An app that recognises and...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Here is the video trailer 'Children Of Men'. I have not read the book, but I did see the movie.

    There is violence in parts of the film as it takes place in times of world chaos. It is one of those...
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    Re: Dive with music into bliss and peacefulness

    Thank you EFO for starting this thread and everyone who have posted. Sound is indeed amazing and your post #84, has some amazing information to help us realise how we are integrated and a part of...
  13. Re: What did you plant today? Garden and Farming for FOOD SECURITY.

    The garden has kept me quite busy this growing season. The weather has been reasonably warm the past month, but we are now having a cool windy week again.

    The green house that is still a...
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    Re: Can some one set me straight please?

    GMB1961 I would have thanked you kindly, keep being your kind self. Try not to worry about people who will always find something not to their liking ☺.
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    Re: Pain Remedies and Battling Suicidal Thoughts

    Dear Ernie,

    It is kind of you to share your experiences with others, I am sure your words will find their way to others in need. And the heartfelt replies of practical and spiritual help all...
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    Re: The World in 2021- The Economist

    ...or perhaps the 'Dawn of a new day', the oft stated phrase used by those whom we distrust?[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking something along those lines. All of the above (pictures on the slot machine)...
  17. Re: My new Musical HYPNOTTA. sharing for the first time here on Avalon

    Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us Doug. A man of many talents!
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    Re: Heart problems and arrhythmias

    Are you able to take raw cocoa powder Ernie? For some reason the magnesium it contains is very easily absorbed. Having enough magnesium can prevent the heart cramping as well as other muscle cramps....
  19. Re: The Matrix. Are we in one? If so, how do we get out

    These words you quoted Mashika remind me of following scene in The Matrix movie.

  20. Re: Another vicarious adventure, and another Avalon Cairn (for the Wawa Grande, this time)

    Glad to hear all went well on your return to the lakes and that beautiful place is now peaceful. I can imagine Mara back there swimming in the lakes enjoying herself. It would be great to see the...
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