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    Re: Alex Jones Trial .. the Fallout

    I wrote a comment in answer to, "Why NATO is freaking out over the Baltics." Then I read the above concerning the trial verdict about Alex Jones. Then, came an advertisement re a book written by...
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    Re: Why NATO is Freaking Out Over the Baltics

    Another way to see what is happening to Russia is that the Economic Powers that Be and Want to Be Forever, being the NWO Bankers in league with the NWO Nazis, who are in league with the Reptilians...
  3. Re: My new Musical HYPNOTTA. sharing for the first time here on Avalon

    Well Doug, you look as though you have just jumped ship from a Thor Hyerdall voyage and are hanging out at the Cruising Club in celebration. You may call me "Off Topic instead of Amor." When I was...
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    Re: Stomach problem. Help me diagnose

    Whatever you use otherwise, do drink more water every day; and I do mean water and not some other drink, many of which cause additional problems in the body. If you eat heavy or hard food and don't...
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    Re: Sun Gazing: Why I Stare At the Sun

    WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON: At this present day in 2022, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT LOOKING INTO THE SUN UNLESS YOU WISH TO BURN OUT YOUR EYES. I have had some experience with this which I will try...
  6. Re: US Army Embraces "EV Future" With New Electric Hummer -- Does this make sense to you?

    And DO TELL, these useless EV's stuck in mud, water up to the waazu in their batteries, etc., will be made in China, no less, USA checkmated again through advanced failure planning by Rockefeller...
  7. Re: Our New World of Freedom for all who are like minded.

    What about no more HUMUNGUS BILLS of thousands of pages of NO ONE KNOWS WHAT being presented for PASSAGE, all manipulated by the Powers That Be hopped upon legislators for passage, legislators just...
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    Re: Biden's Mysterious Earlobes, need your help!

    Dear XelNaga: I agree that the North Korea character is what you say. However, I was referring to the other example which I did not identify. His comparisons are in Avalon's files. Also, it is...
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    Re: Biden's Mysterious Earlobes, need your help!

    Glad to see you are all right and posting again Doug. One comment I would like to make is that where ears are a wonderful way to identify people, there is another way even when doubles are wearing...
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    Re: Alternative remedy for Covid.

    Thank you so very much for the invaluable information about the Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus Altissima which contains Ailanthone, quassine,Alcoloids, flavinoids and tannine, most of which are BITTER,...
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    Re: Incarnation Agreement

    Thank you Inversion for posting this tempting question. At this time in my life I am asking all these questions and am coming up with very unhappy possible answers: The first is that we have been...
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    Re: How to write in Sumerian Pictographs

    Dear Jim: I am certain many people would love to read that information. As you were explaining MAR and AN, I put together the word CATAMARAN. It will have come down a long way over time to us. I...
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    Re: Altered States: The Power of Shamanic Rituals

    I have had the most profound spiritual experiences given to me by other holy, advanced beings, but I will not touch mind-altering drugs which are addictive and because of it, damaging to the mind and...
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    Re: What's about to happen

    I think there is some affect and effect there also, however, if your fridge is full of uncooked food and there is no power, it only takes a short time for it to spoil and then if you don't have...
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    Re: Is James Gilliland a Cosmic Conman?

    There is no mention of Mr. Gilliland's family. If he was alone, he might value the presence of a pretty lady. That does not make him a villain, although it might make some ladies uncomfortable.
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    Re: Is James Gilliland a Cosmic Conman?

    An ORB of light is part of a story told by an old lady living in Grenada. She had one follow her up a narrow alleyway in their town. Technologically, this could be similar to a traveling camera...
  17. Re: Death toll in Texas elementary school shooting rises; 18 children, 2 adults killed by shooter

    All through the above, I came to the same conclusion as Mike Adams. The NWO Creeps are behind it all and ever were, so that one day soon, they will be the only ones with hugely expensive guns coming...
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    Re: Penny Kelly; We Are Turning The Corner

    Hitler's stolen gold bars have financed building UFO's, now in the skys, by well-known aerospace companies in mass production. As a cover for these craft appearing in the skys, they have engineered...
  19. Thread: The Putin Thread

    by amor

    Re: The Putin Thread

    I have to say that every time I have watched Mr. Putin in videos, he has impressed me as a deeply thoughtful, insightful leader. Would that the USA had someone with those attributes. The present...
  20. Re: 17,000 Physicians & Medical Scientists Declare State Of Medical Emergency Must Be Lifted!

    I would like to ADD the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, being the UNHIDDEN HAND behind all of this EVIL MURDERING and a whole lot more. Take down the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, remove the Rockefeller Family and...
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