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    Jason is back on Interview starts aprox 33 mins in......Another interesting show.

    Ep. 580 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jason Quitt : Interdimensional Time Traveler : LIVE

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    The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell - Guest: JASON QUITT


    Published on 25 May 2015

    THE ALIEN COSMIC EXPO is coming to Brantford, Ontario, Canada - June 26, 27
    and 28...
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    Published on 5 Jun 2016
    Multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason Quitt along with with Bob Mitchell join us for
    a fascinating discussion! Parallel Universes, The...
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    Chronicles of John Titor: Secret Space Program ►
    Time Manipulation ► Paranormal Podcast


    Published on 4 Oct 2016

    John Titor discusses working for a secret space program with...
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    CENTER OF LIGHT RADIO - Jason Quitt: "Forbidden Knowledge: A Time Traveler"


    Published on 25 Oct 2016 - Mondays 6pm Eastern
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    April 26/16 - Forbidden Knowledge with Bob Mitchell and Jason Quitt

    Interview starts aprox 36 mins in....


    Published on 27 Apr 2016
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    Forbidden Knowledge : Revelations of a Time Traveler 2016


    Published on 18 Apr 2016

    As a multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason Quitt has experienced the past, the present
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    Lost Knowledge interviews Jason Quitt on out of body and healing modalities - 2016 05 21


    Published on 11 Jun 2016

    Debbie and Michael discuss the healing modalities and energy...
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    That's what I'm getting out of these vids Jason and Bob Mitchell seem sincere and
    genuine in what they have/are experiencing.

    John Titor 11 is like the Sci - fi anti hero's we've seen is so many...
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    I have let these shows play in the background and they are consistent but
    there are far more questions than answers as usual.....I would like to know
    who this clone , John Titor really is ? As I...
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    This vid gets more unbelievable so who knows ? If this is a hoax it can only be
    described as a sad , evil joke by an elderly person who should know better.

    There could be others reasons for him...
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    These two vids are from the latest book and has someone claiming to be the real
    John Titor. They certainly know a lot of info from the alternate point of view, I
    recognise virtually all of it...
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    Forbidden Knowledge, Revelations of a Multidimensional
    Time Traveler - Jason Quitt & Bob Mitchell


    Published on 14 Apr 2016

    Bob Mitchell and Jason Quitt. -- The first time I...
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    This post is not connected with Jason Quitt , but since it is Halloween
    I'm posting it here instead of creating another thread. I would of added
    it to the title of this thread as I sometimes do but...
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    I listened to this interview yesterday and it compliments the one with Kerry above
    and they go more into the time traveling aspect of his experiences.....

    Ep. 546 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/...
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    I listened to Jason on F2B yesterday and thought it an interesting and strange
    interview.Anyway I looked on Kerry's site a couple hours ago for the first time in a
    while and noticed that she had...
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