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    Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    It’s a free question for you, of course.

    It seems perhaps almost exquisitely to me that the current level of discussion ( aka disclosure) is lost in argument between national military and...
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    Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    I’m leaving huge space blank that would easily fill in with political discussion about human and mind controls and people waiting in queues for their aspirin which so reminds me of the 70/80s in...
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    Re: Stomach problem. Help me diagnose

    Sounds like you may have developed or are on the way to duodenal inflammation, possibly duodenal ulcers. Folk GP knowledge asserts that if your stomach seems to hurt and rumble on empty, there’s...
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    Re: Of what use is a High IQ?

    “Tall IQ is about as useful as the tower of Pisa”.

    After years of meditation and inner experience I’ve only started to quote IQs as immeasurable..

    The truth is that every biological...
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    Re: Is a Multiverse real...?

    But if we look at humanity from big perspective , genealogically , it is a confluence of countless streams and rivers, countless tribes and civilisations who went extinct in the past with maybe one...
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    Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    Congratulations 🙏 Fear this is a work for many people for long run, if not generations then many years to come for sure.

    Some of us may be gone much faster. I was practically “taken care of” ( in...
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    Re: Is a Multiverse real...?

    The underlying principle of higher Soul , Spirit, ensoulment is neutral in my opinion but souls have their individual karma sometimes such as they want to be aligned with particular principle or...
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    Re: Folate - alternative treatment for Covid?

    Well consider going vegan and add more fruits and green vegetables as a baseline if you are at risk of Covid infection.

    Includes overconsumption of diary products save for what’s essential to your...
  9. Re: Parallel Timelines, Timeline Consciousness Simulations, and The Secret Space Program

    Hidden Multiverse and Extraterrestrial Super Civilisations

    A.A.Antonov , Research centre of Information Technologies “TELAN Electronics”, Kiev (Ukraine), 2017

    The above article provides...
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    Re: Should Humanity Be Con-CERN-ed?

    Is there something else hidden in the centre of Milky Way?

    I am thinking of ancient Egyptian pyramids could have been constructed as particle accelerators , generating or trying to generate own...
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    Re: Upcoming cost of home energy bills

    Consider the following is also true ...

    Before we can ever happen to rewire to new and clean energy resources, people will have to learn again the price of energy they consume
    and reduce energy...
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    Re: Your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer

    Is he still making his offer of taking people to meet the alien ships for $100? He used to practically guarantee that they would land for him - which is a round about way of expressing my...
  13. Re: Being nice all the time is not being spiritual, or wise

    Well and then there’s the one about “Be Happy”.

    I’ve recently pin pointed this deceptive dot that many people and “life guides” copied from somebody and use it nearly as “guru mantra” literally...
  14. Re: Being nice all the time is not being spiritual, or wise

    Today’s corporeal world is run by agnostics. It’s a world where you are bound to get lost among human collective chaos because the ideology of doubt and skepticism dictates you are acting mostly on...
  15. Re: Being nice all the time is not being spiritual, or wise

    I’m in complete agreement with the meaning of this thread and thanks to all contributions to the topic 🙏

    It’s so hot in India I’ve almost disassembled number of things in matter of few days or say...
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    Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    Belated Appy BirThday to Spirit Wolf 🙏🌟🕊🌈

    Somewhere over the rainbow...Be Barry.

    Without the buzz of bees be beardy sweet
    and don’t forget to merry

    And do not spill the beans for there are...
  17. Re: Why I choose Lifechanyuan and What Lifechanyuan makes me change

    I think that the whole endeavour would have huge success almost anywhere these days, socially and practically that includes spiritual reasons and intents ,
    also people love to live in communities...
  18. Thread: The Alien Agenda

    by Agape

    Re: The Alien Agenda

    I remember having communique with highly advanced and completely benign “reptilians” at certain time period in this life when I was younger and not under stress or inspection of any sort, I treasured...
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    Just seen the above classical Zen quotes and thought of some realistic 2022 answers .

    Student:”What did you do after enlightenment ?”

    Teacher:”Got a solar panel and finally stretched the pipe...
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    Re: Missing Women & Children In China

    It is where addressing the issue of extreme poverty and illiteracy becomes crucial, globally and in all matters human.

    India has similarly large and diverse population ( 1.4 to 1.8 billion people)...
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